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    What are the merits and demerits of the actors of the past and present generations?

    Cinema is the most entertaining media of any generation. I am a person who has seen many actors of present as well as past generations. Actors of great caliber are there in the present as well as in the past. In general, actors of past generation used to take utmost care in their makeup, voice modulation, control in ascent of tone, way of expression of their dialogues etc. Actors used to act with great devotion.
    Actors like Savithri, Krishna Kumari, Jamuna, Bhanumathi, Nirmalamma, Suryakantham, S.V. Ranga Rao, Gummadi, A.N.R., NTR etc. used to express their dialogues with their eyes as well as their body in a superb way in Telugu. Some of the old movies which were taken in B/W in the past appears to be greater than the movies which were produced in color.
    One thing I don't like in the past pictures is, some of the actors used to express their dialogues like in dramas which is somewhat irritating. In Hindi movies also we watch so many actors expressing their dialogues in a drama like fashion. In Hindi movies I like Amithab who expresses his dialogues in a free natural way.
    In present day pictures, we are not seeing actors with perfect dialogue expression since the actors are not good at their local language. But most of the present day generation actors are expressing their dialogues in a natural way as we talk like among the family members. But many of the actors are not giving importance to showing their feelings in their dialogue expressions. Members express your feelings regarding the merits and demerits of actors of present and yesteryear's.
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    I think the students constitute a major part of the audience due to their enthusiasm in fun and frolic activities and various other reasons associated with the particular age group. Therefore the producers have to create the presentation which matches with the taste and preferences of the contemporary student audience. Since often the same actors continue for longer periods, they have to adopt to the changed scenario. Even in the past we used to see many middle age actors posing as college students by wearing colorful printed shirts etc. Nowadays the movies have to have mention of laptop, smartphones, internet, chatting, emails and such other things. Sometimes it looks very funny to see the old generation actors trying to play contemporary characters.
    The major change which we see in movies is the style and manner of dancing of the actors. Nowadays no actor worth its salt can be successful without knowing the modern contemporary dance forms with near perfection. Earlier it was sufficient to revolve around a tree or make some moves with the hands and the legs.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well every actor of old and new generation have some talent or the other through which they are recognized and regarded. If NTR was remembered because he can deliver a lengthy Devotional film dialogue with ease in one single take. If ANR was remembered because he can cast a spell in love making scenes. If MGR was excelled because he brings social problems and solve them. Like wise Amitabh Bachhan was known for his towering personality and voice modulations. Rajesh Khanna for his ability to attract female characters. Shah Rukh Khan for his ability to spread both the hands wide which is well received by his fans. Aamir Khan is known for his acting caliber and Salman Khan for his body posture. So by reading all those above merits in each actor, they try to cash on when ever given the chance. One thing is sure, merely having body physique is not important, one must have the ability to emote, act and also do emotional scenes.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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