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    Maths, Physics, Chemistry, History , Botany, Zoology :Which one you like the most.

    Well for many maths is the boring subject which is nothing but calculations and no more further inputs. Physics is the subject of going deep in to every activity concerning movements. velocity, actions and above all going deep in to every subject we want to probe. Chemistry is the subject of mix and match and get the desired result. History tells about what happened and how they achieved or failed. Botany is the study of plants and species. Most of the students score much on this subject. Zoology is all about animal kingdom and their mentions. Now tell me which subject was your favorite. For me it was Economics !
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    At higher level after reaching certain stage, all subjects gets merged into one. Perhaps because of this reason only in the field of all the subjects mentioned by the author the name of the research degree is Ph.D. i.e. the Doctor of Philosophy only. There is neither any doctor of mathematics nor any doctor of history.
    However as far as the liking of the subject is concerned, I loved organic chemistry. I completed my M.Sc. in organic chemistry from Lucknow University, way back in the year 1975 i.e. more than 40 years ago. After that I continued research in the field of organic chemistry only, but could not complete Ph.D. degree despite devoting full three years in the field as after getting a Government job in the meantime I had to leave the research and join the job due to family circumstances.
    Chemistry is unique in the sense that it involves both analysis and synthesis. It enables the student to analyse the issues as well as to synthesis many varied things into something worth while.

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    In fact many subjects interests me. But if you ask my all time favorite, it is always Physics. I used to clear doubts in Physics to my relatives, who were preparing for various entrance examinations. But during recent times, I developed more interest towards Economics, which is very much useful in our day-to-day activities.

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    Mathematics is the subject that I liked most. It develops logical thinking. Logical thinking is very useful in all the activities of day to day life.
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    I beg to differ Mr. Mohan. Mathematics is not boring and it is not 'only calculations and no further inputs'.

    "Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." - Albert Einstein

    My favorite subject is Mathematics. Mathematics is the base for the subjects physics and economics. For example, most people think center of mass comes under physics but it comes under calculus of mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is not just calculations without any further inputs. These are some mathematicians who won Nobel Prizes in economics (because of their mathematical work).
    1972 : Kenneth Arrow
    1994 : John Nash
    2005 : Robert Aumann
    In the other subjects you mentioned, I hate chemistry (because I can't do it). Coming to history, botany and zoology (I don't like, I don't hate) they are independent of other subjects.

    Let us continue learning.

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    During school days, my absolute favourite subject without competition was Maths. I would solve maths questions when bored for the sake of entertaining timepass. The exhilaration when you solve a question correctly is not matched by anything else. Many a times when I was facing problem with a question I would take a short nap and the answer would come to me in a dream. I remember once when I was cycling to my tuition class, I wondered to myself, why do I even bother to go to school? What do I gain out of it? Except the company of friends! And the answer came to me in a flash - you go to school so you can learn maths. Because maths is beautiful.
    By class 11 my favourite subject maths was receiving stiff competition from another subject that had been freshly introduced to me - biotechnology. I was absolutely enthralled by the knowledge I was gaining. Sub divisions of the subject like molecular biology and genetics and recombinant DNA technology were boggling my mind. I understood then that no matter what, I had to pursue it further. Lap up more and more of this subject, maybe even discover something new, become a part of something much bigger than me. So that's what I am doing.
    Btw botony was the only subject ever that I feared failing in. I found it so monotonous. I remember when my results came out my mother was so relieved that I hadn't failed botony. Chemistry- I have a love hate relationship with it, I try to love it but it continues to hate me. Physics I loved till 12th... After that I abandoned it for a while and when I tried to get it back, it refused to come back to me, like a lover scorned forever. History I find interesting everywhere except history course books. They don't manage to breathe life into history the way some historical novels do. Zoology.... Well I have never loved it... But don't loathe it too much either.


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    My favourite subjects are:-

    1. History-Unfortunately I could not pursue studying the subject beyond Xth standard.
    2. English-Not included in the list of Mr. Mohan
    3. Bengali-Not included in the list
    4. Chemistry- Studied upto Graduation level
    5. Mathematics-Although did my first Masters in this subject, I am not particularly fond of this subject.
    6. Zoology-I like some chapters (parts/topics) of the subject
    7. Physics-Although studied upto Graduation, but haven't developed any affinity.
    8. Botany-I like some of the topics.

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    Interesting question. The interest on a subject is purely how you are exposed to that subject. If you consider a subject is boring then it means that you are not given enough exposure to that subject in an interesting way. Every subject is unique. That is the reason why people find one subject very interesting and someone else find the same subject boring. It is totally in the perspective and exposure to that subject.

    I used to have a problem with mathematics and I used to get very low marks in Maths during my school days. I was then sent to a tuition. That was the real heaven. Then I actually realized it is not the subject that is interesting or boring but it is how we approach the subject. That realization helped me get 98 marks right away in my next exam in mathematics. I took that as an example and saw all the subjects in the same way. So ultimately I can say that I like all the subjects but there are some areas in each subject that is of more interest to me. If you understand that fact then you will be able to enjoy each and every subject and the beauty of every branch of science.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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    Mathematics was my favourite subject and Number theory was little bit boring for me while Vector Analysis, Integral Calculus and Trigonometry were my hot favourites. Next comes - Chemistry and Physics in the list.

    I disagree with the author that Mathematics is a boring subject. It would be quite interesting to prove the theories and their converse, to solve the equations and once , if you know the concept, nothing is easier than mathematics.


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    Nothing interest me, be it Maths, Physics,Chemistry, History, Botony or Zoology. I like my English teacher and his good English. To pass out from the class successfully, I learned the above subjects a bit. None of the above subjects help us to earn our bread. For that, one need to be a master in that particular subject with a Ph. D to teach or practice.
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    Numbers have always fascinated me. And thus it makes mathematics one of my favourite subjects. Other than that, I like history. Even now, if I happen to have a glance at a history book or an history related article, I make it a point to finish it off.

    After those two, languages are close to my heart. I like learning new languages. Of them all, English remains to be my all time favourite.

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    Till My school days My favorite subject was Mathematics, because I love calculation and multiplications. Even I am having a good memory and I do big multiplications, addition with out using calculator. But when I joined 12 th class I love Physics, because I get to know the civil engineers who construct bog infrastructure follow the simple method of Physics, And I enjoyed that subject even get to learn a lot many things which I shared with my friends ( they are not from science back ground) and they enjoyed a lot. ow days I just love to watch television and searching internet for current affairs.

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