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    Why Danish people are the most happiest ones in the world?

    As per the UN study on World happiness report for the year 2016, Denmark ranked No.1 among all the nations. The study report included the state of people's health and their access to health care and other amnesties, social security, job avenues, family relations, political freedom and corrupt free governance.

    Some interesting factors have revealed the reason for their happy living that flexible working environment, effective public transport, welfare oriented governance, free education for all upto undergraduate and Graduation level studies and a safe and social security for all. The working hours are 37 hours per week. Moreover, the leisure time is easily spent together with others in 'hygge' which means social gatherings and intimate get together with family and friends.

    Though the climatic conditions are different, Danish people seem to be more happier and they gained No.1 status in 2013 and 2014 also while dropped down to 3rd in 2015.
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    Let us consider few facts related to Denmark. Its population has been estimated to be about fifty seven lakh with 0.97 males per female. Thus we can see that there are more females than males. The total fertility rate is 1.73 children born per woman.
    The main reasons of its highest ranking in happiness index are its highly regarded education and healthcare system and low level of income inequality. All university and college education in Denmark is free. The life expectancy in Denmark is 79.5 years at birth.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Very pleased to know that the Danish are the happiest lot among all the nations. Should we Indians not envy the Danish and try to reach that position. I think, we Indians might be the most worried in the world. I am not sure.
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    The demographic features of Denmark may also have an influential factor but we can not undermine the reasons for the reasons for effective way of life they are leading and their Government's contribution for the same. Here in India, we do have the local bodies, state Governments and the Central Government at the epicentre but still fail to deliver the goods due to lack of proper delivery mechanism of the systems in place.

    When all the political parties owe the electorate to make happier with their offer of free sops, can afford to deliver free TVs, fans, Laptops, what prevents these dedicated political workers of India to bring a system that provides free education to all up to Graduation? That makes the difference and not the demography!


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    Per capita income in India is $6,162 against $ 45,709 in Denmark. It is where the demography works.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    We have many system in built constraints in our economy and as such slow progress is being seen in our achievements in all the fields be it education, health, productivity of industries and so on. Of all, the major constraints for our slow growth is due to exponential growth of the population and low collection of income tax as a result of lesser eligible members for paying tax. Even some of them either don't pay the amount prescribed for them or ignore it completely. This results in less revenue for the welfare activities of common masses such for education and health sector. The other worrying parameter is inflation which has destabilised the economy in shamble state. Fake currencies injected through the different sources is one of the causes of soaring inflation.
    We can change the scenario with our determined efforts so that we can tackle all the issues weakening our economy and even though we cannot achieve the status of Denmark in terms of satisfaction -angle, we can definitely do better in many spheres. Such initiatives would make us happy in a true scene.

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