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    Just got registered ND

    Hi, I just registered myselg on this site though I got a lot of help from this site regarding jobs. but today when I was going through the site I saw this very nice option to make money ? can any one discuss and explain me that how it works ? I would like to know it .

    Thankyou .
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    Payal - You are welcome to ISC. You have to note that the motto of the ISC is - ' Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn'. You have raised you first query for learning for earning. My tips in this regard are as follows -
    1. Be patient. Treat the period up to your reaching gold level ( by earning 1000 points) as the learning phase, though during this period also you can earn.
    2. First focus more on learning, the earning will come naturally in due course.
    3. Try to raise threads on relevant and important topics and post responses on threads raised by other authors after reading the same thoroughly. However before posting response on any thread, check the original date of its posting. In case the thread was raised more than 10 days earlier , then don't post response on the same.
    4. Read the following article -

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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