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    Do you think our youth underutilizing and misusing present day technology?

    Mobile and internet are the most useful technologies of present day world. Mobile technology is the one which connects any one anywhere in the world in a fraction of second. It helps us to save our time and money as we have to reach the person physically to communicate anything with them. Similarly internet not only keep the people contact with each other through social networks and it is a hub of great knowledge. But present day youth, for simple gossiping wasting hours and hours of time and money. Youth are misusing internet to interact with friends and others through social networks. Youth of the past who do not have the facility of mobile and internet worked so hard to excel in different fields. If the present day youth utilizes these facilities to the maximum extent can reap more benefits out of them. What is your say folks?
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    All technologies developed so far had the potential to be used for positive results as well as for destructive purposes. The nuclear technology used in nuclear power plants is one such easy to understand example. The internet and computer technology is being used by many meritorious students for facilitating their studies. Even the social sites are being used by many individuals for constructive purposes.
    It is the man behind the machine who is to be blamed, not the machine itself. Even before the advent of internet and smart phones many students used to idle away their time is nonproductive/wasteful activities like gossiping, quarreling and stalking female students. During that period also, there were meritorious students who used to focus on studies and become successful in their career/life.
    Just consider the advantages of mobile phones we are enjoying. Earlier while going on outstation tours people used to get desperate to inform their families about their well being. Nowadays the family is sort of accompanying the traveler in the form of mobile phones.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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