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    The world and own relatives will become enemies of a truthful person!

    There is a say in Telugu Yadhardavadi loka virodhi bandhu virodhi means a world and his/her own relatives and friends will become enemies for a truthful person because he always speaks truth and this kind of attitude will always have to face so many troubles that is why many people go with accordance of the situation.Do you agree a truthful and straightforward persons will face many troubles? A good example is Socrates. Knowledgeable members please respond to this question.
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    It applies in the case of ISCians also. In case of being more straight forward and talking without sugar coating, the member are likely to become unpopular on the ISC.
    However, the jokes apart, it is true that most of us fake on day to day and minute to minute basis. No family member, relative, friend (except true friends), colleagues or co-workers are likely to like the individuals who are straight forward and speak the truth only. Perhaps our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi was also shot because of his truth speaking habit only.
    Ram Jethmalani and Subramaniam Swamy are the present day politician/scholars who talks straight forward only.
    Apart from the axiom about truth in general, in democratic set up, perhaps it becomes more relevant to talk in sugar coated words particularly at the time of elections.
    People don't like such people who cause inconvenience to people by raising pointed queries.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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