The sound of a guitar- your true love personified

[This entry wins the joint first prize for the contest Me, a sound]

Bound by my strings, I keep resonating, reverberating and mesmerizing the world over. Just the right notes, just the right tone and all is smooth as silk, just trip a bit and you lose control. Personified differently across various cultures, I mingle with fun and flair, blending, evolving and creating music-characteristic to those six notes. I am acoustic, I am metallic, I am modern yet with the elegance of tradition. Be it a sober campfire or a dignified dais, super cool concerts or the comforting backyard- the atmosphere creates me or I create the atmosphere? Who am I? But of course, I am the sound of a guitar.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the art of my magic lies in the hands of a guitarist. Strumming the strings with the right hand while fretting with the left, its poetry at work- the poetry of music. It's all in the hands, I tell you, and it's all in the hands! Keep looking for me- just to the right or is it to the left! I am there, right in front of your eyes, waiting to be created by you. Practice hard, practice daily or I will be lost. So many have dedicated decades of their life, mastering the art, yet the more you learn, the more you want to learn. Generation after generation, hands have changed but I am always around as a guardian, preserving, protecting.

I am for all mood- joy, sorrow, dreamy, realistic- you name it, you get it. I help the mind explore the unknown, breaching barriers that seems impossible to penetrate. Handle me with care as I am the answer to your worries, I am the answer to your pain. I am music to your ears, relaxing after a troublesome day or soothing after a victorious one. Give wings to your thought as I am a reflection of your art. Make me fly- fast and high. I need no words, yet with words I create magic. Let the light of creativity drive you, past all the hurdles that life throws at you.

I have the power to heal, give me a chance to prove it. I have the power to unite, play me and you will know it. I am the rhythm divine, the peace that your mind seeks. Please me to please your senses. It's all in the hands, I tell you, and it's all in the hands! They say don't blow your own trumpet, I say I will create my own. They say it takes two to tango, I say I can make you tango alone! Some prefer the sound of silence, I say you haven't tried me yet.

You ask what the purpose of my life is. But, I have only one- to entertain- that's all I want to do. Entertain!