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    Guess the Author contest - send your entries & win prizes

    Many thanks to all the players of the <A HREF='/forum/143389-Guess-the-Author-Contest-a-general-plan-feedback-invited.aspx'>Guess the Author contest</A>. Without your support, this contest would not have seen the light of day!

    Now members are invited to send their entries. Please read all instructions carefully. Do not be hasty, as only your first entry will be accepted. Entries can be sent by all members, including editors. Authors and camouflage authors who were the players are requested to take care NOT to mention that you were part of the drama!

    What you have to do:
    Given below are the 6 forum threads which were posted between 25th and 29th February as part of this contest [did I say 6 and not 5? See the surprise element no. 1 below!!].

    You have to guess the author of each one. That is, who wrote the text of the thread?

    You must sent me your entry via email only to my gmail ID which is "iscmanagingeditor". Do not send your entry as an attachment. Send me the list of authors, with the name matching each number. Example:
    GA1: [name]
    GA2: [name]
    [GA stands for 'Guess Author']

    After you send your entries to me, put in a simple response in this thread that you have sent it. This is so that I can credit the points & cc for your right guesses [no negative marking for wrong guesses!] in this thread only. If you do not post a response here, you will not get those points & cc, but will still be eligible for the main cash awards. In your response here, do not reveal anything, not even which was the most difficult to guess.

    Only one clue: Check the plan in the main announcement thread.

    The forum threads are (posted on days as per my instructions):
    GA1: <A HREF='/forum/143453-Is-whispering-a-weakness-of-women.aspx'>Is whispering a weakness of women?</A>

    GA2: <A HREF='/forum/143466-Is-it-the-action-or-the-words-that-speak-louder.aspx'>Is it the action or the words that speak louder?</A>

    GA3: <A HREF='/forum/143499-Hard-work-reaps-rich-dividends.aspx'>Hard work reaps rich dividends</A>

    GA4: <A HREF='/forum/143511-A-heartfelt-wish-for-daily-life.aspx'>A heartfelt wish for daily life</A>

    GA5: <A HREF='/forum/143533-Wisdom-and-age-a-factor-in-the-generation-gap.aspx'>Wisdom and age: a factor in the generation gap?</A>

    GA6: <A HREF='/forum/143522-The-man-who-has-no-imagination-has-no-wings.aspx'>The man who has no imagination has no wings</A>

    The surprises
    Surprise element 1:
    As announced, there would be a surprise element in the contest. As you can see from the above list of threads, there are not 5 as per the announcement, but 6 threads. Yes - that is the surprise! One of the threads is a "Wild Card" entry. That is, the writeup of one thread is of an ISCian who pops up in the forum from time to time and hence is a 'wild card'.

    Now the thing is I will not tell you which is the wild card thread! Whichever it is, if you guess that one right, you will get 5 points and 3 cc for that right guess.

    Surprise element 2:
    As I mentioned in the announcement thread, obviously the authors themselves who send their entries would not get the 5 points/2cc for guessing their own writeups. In lieu of missing out on that, they have to answer this query: What is the one common factor that I selected for all the authors' writeups?

    If you are one of the authors, send me the answer in the text of the same email as your entry for guessing the authors. If your answer is right, you will get the 5points/2cc. However, take care not to mention in this thread that you are one of the authors!

    Only one clue: Check the responses in the <A HREF='/forum/143417-Guess-the-Author-Contest-progress-report-updates-check-this-thread.aspx'>progress updates thread</A>.

    Note: this surprise element 2 is ONLY for those who did the write-ups and not for the camouflage authors or others who are sending their entries.

    Surprise element 3:
    5 points and 5cc will be the additional bonus to the author who NOBODY is able to guess.

    After the contest closes, I will post a thread with a list of those who sent me the entries. In that thread, you can give your feedback and point out the flaws or loopholes if any. This would help for future similar contests. Authors and camouflage authors will not, though, reveal they took part - this will be revealed only in the thread announcement of the final winners.

    Closing time for entries: 2a.m. tomorrow (2nd March, IST). Since there are 6 threads, you are being given approx. 1 hour per thread to mull over who the author is! The time of your entry will be in your email sent to me, so any entries which drop in after 2a.m. tom. will be considered as invalid.

    Decision of winners will be final and binding on all.
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    I have sent the reply by e-mail to Ms. Vandana. Now hoping for the best!
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

  • #568258
    I have just sent in my answers to ME's e-mail.

  • #568259
    Managing Editor,
    I have sent my answers to your E-mail ID at 11.55 hrs p.m. ( IST) today.

  • #568262
    I have sent my guesses for the authors in your email ID.

  • #568260
    I have sent my answers to the designated email ID.
    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

  • #568261
    I have posted my answers to ME's e-mail ID.

  • #568264
    I made a guess and appended the answers to your e mail early in the morning on 2 nd March 2016. Please confirm.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I mailed my answers you the given mail id .

    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

  • #568265
    I have mailed you my answers. Most of those are pure guess. Timing were not really suitable for me personally, still I have sent.
    Chitra Rana

  • #568263
    I have received entries from all of those who have responded here. Thank you.
    Managing Editor,

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