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    Should the governments spend huge money on ads highlighting their achievements ?

    We all know that the Modi government at the Center and Telangana- AP governments at the state level have completed two years of their governance and all of them have embarked upon massive ad campaign through various electronic and social media and huge money was spent. Undertaking development work is the expressed functions of every government for which they need not boast off themselves. If some unique schemes were launched and not known to public, then giving awareness campaign is welcome. What is the use of boasting the routine works done and patting themselves is something spending tax payers money in wrong way ?
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    The central and State Governments are spending thousands of crores of rupees on advertising their supposed achievements. The achievements of the Government are to be recognised by the public and appreciated. The huge amounts of money spent on the advertisements can very well be used to implement schemes useful for a common man. The Government should give wide publicity of the schemes that are available to the public and how they can be used by them. The boasting of the achievements is not good. Most of the times they advertise projects which do not take off physically.
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    The advertisements are issued to keep the media happy so that they don't adopt an antagonistic attitude during election period. Publishing advertisements in media is a legal way of obliging the media. Otherwise also, the ruling political parties wants to impress the voters by enumerating and highlighting their achievements.
    In democratic set up, the Government means the political party having majority in the house. Therefore everything revolves around elections and winning the seats. Publicizing achievements through media is a positive model of wooing the voters, though at the time of elections negative publicity is resorted to by mud slinging on the opposition party candidates.
    People have little control over day to day activities of the elected Governments as they do everything in accordance with the law and rules. In case the law doesn't suit them, they have power to change the same or make a new law.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I feel that the same happens in Tamilnadu as well. The election campaign by every political party in Tamilnadu was horrible. One party blaming the other party and another party bossing more about their achievements. One party showcasing that they have done so much to the people and all other things. People are highly irritated but not much is seen in the final results of the election. They ultimately vote to someone who have done self bossing a lot.

    They spend lots of money in advertising what they are doing and what they have done so far. That is also acceptable. But for a thanks giving or to share their happiness that their political leader won is totally unacceptable. We can see posters and banners everywhere. These posters and banners and cut outs are really irritating. They can spend that money usefully on something else. If they are really dedicated about doing service, they should have spend that money on a tree plantation activity or for helping out poor. These cut outs and banner are not going to help at all.

    Internally in the party there is also a rule that they should keep a banner in every area. So even if someone is not interested they are forced to do it.

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    S Balasubramanian

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    Yes. In my view each year the central government make a new advertisement which give the benefits of the party. This is not given only for Television. It also transmitted through the FM and AM. So by these kind of advertisement government is wasting huge amount of money. But some of the state governments are doing such activities in election time.

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    @ K Mohan sir, I am just keeping my view.
    Some time Government ( whether it is a center Government or State Government), both just want to keep them selves alive in front of common man ( voter ), by advertising them selves, although they do not do practical work or any beneficial work fro us, Narendra Modi Government is one of them.

    Second cause they know Media person can make them either Hero or villain, so by spending lots of money on advertisements, most of media person will keep their mouth shut when there will be some allegation arises about the ruling party.
    3rd ( Arvind Kejriwal ) spending lots of money on advertisements because I felt that due to pressurize from center on media house , no body is showing the work and achievements by kejriwal Government for which they are forced themselves to promote by paid advertisements.

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    Matter of fact advertisements are needed listing out the new schemes implemented by the government. This will make people aware of the same and use it for their maximum benefit . Sometimes even learned peole are not aware of many good schemes. It is only when we see some advertisements in the media that we come to know about them.

    True and factful advertisements are also good t whether the government has done what it promised and to what extent.

    However the government should ensure that they are just correct bulletins and not very costly flashy advertisements only for the propaganda of ruling party.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    I completely agree to the facts mentioned about the common-man hard-earned money spent to highlight the Governments achievements.

    One thing to note is that, for the past decade, BJP in its opposition raised concern in parliament and in front of the media many times about this matter. But after coming to power, it continued the same thing.

    Also, MODI government has been talking about Digital INDIA all the time. If you observe the Advertisements carefully, They are targeted to reach middle class and upper middle class only. Majority of this segment today has access to internet. If Government starts publishing website and keep updating their schemes to INDIAn public and achievements, It will save lot of money and INDIAn government can do many other wonder with those surplus budget.

    K K

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    All political parties ( whether it is UPA or NDA). they spend huge money on advertisement rather than working practically.
    There should a bill pass in which the committee decide the maximum limit of advertising expenses. By calculating the number of projects, previous expenses and requirement etc.
    That can be increased 10% or 15% maximum.
    Or else they do not care for spending the money where as for that project they have a limited budget.
    They are spending continuously because they just want to be in the mind of voter and they will be remembered during voting session.

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