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    Do you welcome death?

    Many people always want to extend their life but there are very minute people(more philosophical) who always welcome death that doesn't mean they had lost everything in life or they have achieved everything in life but they know it will come on one day. Noble Laureate Rabindra Nath tagore a renowned philosophical poet had written a novel name called 'Welcome to death' .(to my rememberance).Do anybody welcome death?Knowledgeable members please respond this question.
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    There is one certainty in everyone's life and that is death. We do not know when we will die and how it will happen. There will always be some distraught people who want to die which is not in their hands. A person dies only once in life. There is no point in thinking about death. One has to enjoy life until the last moment. Philosophers do not invite death. They accept the fact that death is inevitable and do not bother about it. People like to their life to be extended if they have some responsibilities yet to be fulfilled. Mostly people fear death which cannot be avoided.
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    Preventing death was one of three most important quests of humans since ages. The three quests were - to become immortal, never grow old and convert a base metal into gold. Most of discoveries in chemistry were made while searching for a solution for above.
    I don't think anybody wants to die. Even in cases of demands for euthanasia, instead of the individual concerned, his/her family members make requests for permission to withdraw the life support systems.
    Regarding the people committing suicide also, it cannot be said that they 'welcome' death. Instead they are compelled by the circumstances to opt for death in absence of any alternative.
    Many lover couples commit suicide and many patriots sacrifice their life during wars with enemies.
    During the medieval history of India , people used to be given a choice to either covert their religion or die. Most of them used to prefer to convert.
    Even in the practice of 'sati', which was abolished during the British rule, I don't think the women concerned used to welcome death. In most of cases they used to be given opium like intoxicating drugs and burnt alive in the funeral pyre of their husbands.

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    It is quite interesting that humans always wanted to fight death inspite of clearly knowing that they will be dead one day. This happened with gods as well. Even some of the great rulers including Ravana wanted to fight death and thats why he asked for a boon that can help him with that.

    So coming to the question, welcoming death is something that keeps changing from time to time. In some situation people think that they should lead the life for several years and in some situation people think that they will be happy to welcome death immediately.

    There is also another fact to be considered with respect to death. We will not be able to decide our death. If we are supposed to die, we will be dead even in a normal sleeping. If today is not our day even if we fall from 5200 feet height we will not get hurt. The only people who had the control on when he wanted to die was Bhisma.

    But to take this positively, we are here in this world for some purpose. As shankaracharya says "Paropakaram Idham Shareeram" which means this body is to serve needy. So lets continue to do that till we are given a date. And we should also not get a thought that, okay anyways we are going to be dead so why do this or that. That is also wrong. Lead a life normally and welcome dead whenever it comes.

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    Only the sages and very old people who have lost the will, power and ability to survive, actually welcome death. Lesser mortals below seventy generally don't welcome death.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    I doubt whether anyone would welcome death. We hear many people say that they are fed up of life (due to whatever reasons) and want to die but when it comes to actual death, most of us yearn to live a bit longer. Suicide also, as Kailash has said, is not welcoming death but is the result of a weak moment where the pressure becomes unbearable; it is not death by choice but by compulsion. I believe that one's death is decided when he is born and no one can stop the same from happening. Death is inevitable and let us accept the same gracefully and live life happily till then.
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    In simple words, I would say that death is like a lottery ticket. The ticket has already been purchased while taking birth. There is a regular draw conducted every day in the heaven. The day our name or number is out in a draw, that is the death lottery for us. So, to conclude, we welcome death every day anticipating it today or tomorrow or the days after.

    Death is not fearful or worrisome. It can be welcomed with open arms with a garland. Alas! after death, we are beautified and decorated with flowers viz garlands, wreath and bouque while moving towards the grave yard or cemetry.

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    Well, death is inevitable and we all know it. And I do not think there is any one who does not fear death. There may be some distraught people who want to die, but even they will hesitate at the exact moment.

    Like you said philosophers welcome death, well, my version would be that they remain nonchalant about the ultimate reality of life - but will not welcome the death as the word stands.

    Death is the ultimate truth. None of us know when will it come. Let it come when it wants to. Until we have life, let us enjoy it to the fullest.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Whether we welcome death or not but when our time will be over, it will come and welcome to the next world and our next journey.
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    By the way no one would welcome the death. Many wants to live for many years and enjoy the family which grows leaps and bounds and also see the progress of siblings and their children. But every one has the gestation period and we are going to die at that time. Some time I feel pity with those who run for the money and save them in big way as it they are going to stay here for long time. I sincerely wish that I made all achievements in life and no other pending wishes to happen. Hence I am ready to welcome the death. By the way God wont give the death wish as boon to those who seek or like. He will take away the life of those who are most wanted to us and others.
    K Mohan
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    I never welcome my death, because I want to live an average life, so that I can experience all good, bad timings, situations, also I would like to achieve a lot, although there are two types of person who lost everything, either money or happiness who wants to die, and another person is who is fully spiritually involved wants to welcome death at certain age.
    But I am none of them, I am happy with my current life, and working hard to make my surroundings happy, so that I will be remembered for some days or year even after my death.

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    In my opinion, nobody will welcome death except the people who don't like their life. I mean a person with intolerable problems will try to commit suicide. If they don't want to commit suicide, they wait to welcome death. Keeping such people aside, 99% of the other people do not welcome death and they will try to cheat death if they can. But, people should know that death is mandatory for everyone i.e. it cannot be stopped. So, people should try to live happily in the present but not think about death in the future.

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