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    Why law enforcing persons are aiming at "extra" money though they are paid heftily ?

    We are experiencing the fact that the law enforcing agencies and the people belonging to it are always aiming at earning that "extra" income from common people or offenders as if they are paid less. In fact every law enforcing person are paid good pay, perks and above all accommodation facility from government, but still they insists for extra income and knows ways and means to get the same. Why a strict vigil is not kept on those officers and officials. In this regard common people should also be blamed for promoting the corruption and thus awareness must come from the public first and then to the officers demanding bribe.
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    In a developing economy like ours, people generally remains unsatisfied. Even providing for bare minimum necessities becomes challenging. Moreover in India we have an unique system of reservation in admissions and jobs which further renders many individuals unsatisfied and deprived. Therefore corruption starts from the citizens. All individuals are corrupt. They buy products at cheaper rates without insisting for cash memos and thus become a partner in the tax evasion. The merchants passes a fraction of the benefits to the customer and another fraction to the inspector. Thus it starts from the bottom at the citizen's level and goes on spirally up to the top level. Because of compulsions of poverty, the people are compelled to become corrupt.
    Corruption can be eradicated only if all the citizens decide to buy products at costlier rates by duly participating in tax payment process.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As long as we, the people, are in the habit of enjoying the benefits out of turn and bypass the rules, you can't expect improvement in the system. Even they are refined also, the influence of the 'extra' earning would take another dimension and continue to persist and never perishes. You don't want to wear a helmet but prepared to pay something to avoid fine. You can't wait in queue (whether in cinema hall or a pilgrim centre) and would purchase a ticket in black market and the black marketer would encourage the 'extra' income to get escaped from the system.

    Then why should we blame those people who are going with the wind?


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    Corruption has now become a business. It has become quite common that people are not even realizing that it is a mistake. We cant blame the government officials alone. There are some government officials who would like to be a good person but they are also corrupted by the other officials. It is quite true that they get lots of offers from the government. There is an imbalance in the way the funds are distributed. Ultimately when it comes to budget planning, only the middle class and the upper middle class are affected a lot.

    In Tamil nadu getting extra money for completing a work is very common for some of the government officials. Some of the MPs and MLAs have openly discussed about all these things. One of the MLA also mentioned and requested for a bill to be passed to legalize the extra charges that the government officials collect for registration and other activities. This will at least make the corruption more transparent.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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