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    Do extend of service for government employees will create more unemployment?

    As there are some Government orders are issuing in some states to increase the retirement age from 58 years to 60 years as the old people and employees are still sticking in the seat and not vacating the seat the young generation unemployed who are waiting their turn will wait for another two years to occupy the seat and it add more frustration and who are seeking promotions also have to wait for their turn.Do you think the government is doing right thing by extending the service from 58 years to 60 years is it will not lead more unemployment problem? Knowledgeable members please respond to this question.
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    There may be some impact on employment generation for the young people. But it is not a new thing as the Central Government itself has raised the retirement age to 60 years during the Vajpai regime in 1998. Some state government still continued their policy and now following the Central Government lines now. Another factor to consider the enhancement is the improvement in the mortality rate and the age of entry level these days. Also, increasing and decreasing the retirement age limit would not affect the core issue of generation of employment and other alternate feasibility should be explored to meet the challenges.

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    The age of retirement is primarily linked to the longevity and health conditions of the individuals. I have seen that in the Government of India, earlier the retirement age was 55 years, which was later extended to 58 years and subsequently to 60 years. There is an ongoing demand to raise it further to 62 years or so. Recently the retirement age of doctors in central Government has been increased to 65 years. In the case of high court judges also the retirement age is 62 years and in the case of the supreme court judges, it is 65 years. There is no retirement age fixed for the President of India, Prime Minister, Governors, Chief Ministers and other ministers in general.
    The unemployment problem cannot be solved by not increasing the retirement age. The population is growing at an exponential rate and an army of unemployed youths is getting created every year.
    The youth can always opt for business and industry as an entrepreneur instead of vying for Government jobs only. There is no retirement age in such ventures.

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    It's a very good topic for discussion. For the persons who don't have any knowledge of functioning in Government, I would like to state that presently the Central government is suffering from acute shortage of staff. For the last 25 years or so, only 40% (yes, 40%) of the vacant posts are being filled. As a result, the workload has increased a lot. Now, the shortage of staff has been really affecting the quality. So, the Government has no other alternative to increase the age-limit of employees to retain them. Not only that, various implementation work have been totally outsourced. The lower level posts have been outsourced.

    In most of the State Governments also, the situation is more or less same.

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    I personally feel that the retirement of government officials is not related to young people getting job. There will still be starvation even if the age limit is reduced. Government should take some other steps to get job for these people. It is not the case always that if you reduce the age limit all the young people will get job easily. I personally feel that it is a misconception. If you see some of the sectors where VRS is available where people get out from the seat easily with the help of VRS. Also in the recent years there are many people getting VRS. Will this not compensate it and provide opportunity for a young person?

    I feel there are other factors to be considered instead of sending old people home in order to provide a job vacancy for a young candidate. Physiologically, if a person gets retired, he becomes week and exposed to mental illness thinking that he has gone old. This is a feeling that is common among many people. If they are in job they don't get this feeling. Not all the people who got retired are very good and enjoying. Some people look for other jobs and work somewhere else. I feel that they should be held in job until they want to be and until they think they can still work.

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