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    Humanity Vs Reality?

    We all always talk about social responsibilities, environment safety. But I still confused we use Air conditioner in house or car which causes huge heat transfer to the environment, we burn lot of petrol and diesel for our vehicles, car, scooter which again causes again environmental pollution. As Hinduism we say we should not kill animal or any living things, but to eat non-veg we kill goat, fish, chicken etc.
    Can we say all those are our requirements? I am confused if we are really concern aout all those then what should be the precautions, t avoid all those uses or minimize or should think to compensate by any other way?
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    Yes you are correct. I involve myself in lots of social activities. But honestly I myself cant sleep without an AC in my house. When I go for social activity I have lots of friends joining me. They all talk about safeguarding environment by planting trees, giving protection to fish and water in lake and all those things. But when I talk to them about eating non-veg as a topic, they are not quite comfortable with that. They cant even understand that they are contradicting to what they want to be. They say that this is different from eating non veg. Eating non veg is an interest of an individual and we should not question that.

    The same friend told me that he is going to do an awareness campaign to create awareness about lakes and environment. I asked him the same question in a different way to him. If eating non veg is your individaul thing and you dont want to talk about it, then that is the same with other people right. They have an individual thought that they don't want to save nature.

    So, people are just confused. They caught up with some practices that they are finding difficult to get rid of. In some cases they are even aware that "Ya, eating non veg is bad. But what to do. Got used to it."

    I always think, okay today at least they have some realization and in future may be they will get better.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

    Quote: "It doesn't matter what we want. once we get it, then we want something else."

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    Each year a new brigade of youths join the colleges and universities as students and apart from so many other things they indulge themselves in participating in debates and discussions on such subjects of topical interest. Such topics are useful for preparing for competitive examinations and group discussions etc. also for finding employment. Other than that there is no effect of such discussions practically. I just checked the world population clock - 1,76, 650 births and 74,000 deaths have already taken place today. By the time I will be able to post this response, after completing typing many more will be added. In such a scenario, the bitter truth is that nothing much is going to change.
    People will continue to cut trees, release pollutants and chlorofluorocarbons used in refrigerators and air conditioners causing ozone layer depletion and creating greenhouse effects. The children born now will continue debates and discussions after growing up and joining colleges as by that time the scenario will be much worse.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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