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    Try to know others, but understand yourself!

    Knowledge will become a small creature before the capability of understanding others. Many people may know us but few only can understand what we are and vice versa. We may be confident that we know well and can understand but we should not forget that there is something yet to be understood. The secret of success lies mostly in our ability to understand and its execution to reach the goal. A true leader emerges out of the understanding of the needs of those who are affected by it.

    Yes, it is an art to understand oneself. The most important thing is to develop the habit of hearing by keeping our ears alert that helps in hearing what we say to ourselves first and hearing to others next. If you want to check a person who is a trouble maker, just try to understand where the problem lies as it is equally important to give some thought why he behaves like that.

    After all, a photographer should not only know the photography but must understand the equipment he uses! Isn't it?
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    The successful shop keepers / businessmen first try to understand the customer when he/she enters the shop first time. They evaluate the potential buyer on the strength of their accumulated experience and only then they proceed ahead in presenting the goods to them which matches the customers buying capacity and tastes/preferences.
    The same applies everywhere. We have to assess the individuals within our reach/social circle and then allow access to them in our life as per their rated value.
    Generally it is said that it requires full five years in knowing or understanding an individual fully. Such a long period is desirable so that almost all kinds of situations get developed during the period to evaluate the individual concerned.
    We get preliminary data on first meeting itself through the body language, mannerism and behaviour of the individual.
    During personal interviews for jobs also the expert team evaluate the personality traits of the candidates sometimes by asking awkward questions also, if felt necessary.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Once we understood our self, our quality and capabilities then we can understand every other person in this world. As I know the motivational speakers are having good understanding power to know the environment and they are very clever people, they can speak a lot, because they have understand the scene and situations very well. I always try to understand m self, but most of time I get failed because I get busy t achieve some things instead of understating the real happiness. As we have to sustain like this in this world to compete with others and to go beyond every one in life race.

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