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    How do I know whether my Article is approved or not

    Hi , I have posted three articles but don't know how to check how many of my articles are approved by ISC.plz let me .
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    You should get a mail on your registered email ID once the article is reviewed. No matter whether the article is approved, sent to pending or rejected - the notification to that effect will be sent to you.

    Alternatively, you can login to your account and check out your article to see if it has been approved. The notices about the article still been not reviewed should vanish and some cash credits/points would have been assigned to it. You can also check it through your account dashboard wherein the alerts will let you know the status of your article.

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    Apart from what is given in the above response post:
    after logging in you may click on the Articles" link on the blue band on top of a page. In the opening page you can see 'My Articles'. You may click on it and know the status. You may also click on the other alternatives also there. It take some time for an article to be approved.

    Articles which are just submitted and not yet reviewed by editors will be in the list in queue under 'New submission'. If they need some changes and re-submission, they will be seen under 'pending'. If you find your article listed there, you have to revisit your article, read the comments there and do the necessary changes as per suggestions. The deleted articles will be listed under 'Deleted' link.
    As you are new I am trying o clear a possible doubt. Did you check "Article is ready to publish" on the article submission page when you completer your article? If even after going through al the actions suggested here and you are not able to see your article, then your article may not be submitted properly and the button may be showing against 'Not ready to publish yet'. Please change that and make the article ready to publish and save and submit.

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    The author may post the url of her articles here as the editors will require the same for investigating the matter.
    Also in case more than one week is not yet over, then the author may have patience and wait for action by the editors.

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    My appreciation to the author for attempting three articles as the beginner for the first time in this site and in this regard I wish to state that normally it takes 3 to 4 days for approving a article. Being a new member there are every chance for the author to make mistakes and thus the editors will take more time to review and approve. Surely you are going to get alert message in your profile page once the articles are approved. Any way take personal interest and visit your articles daily and see that any comments are visible from the editors to correct or change the matter. Such guidance are provided for small corrections and copy pasting is done the articles would be rejected out right. Once the articles get rejected repeatedly, then the member will be banned from the section for some time unless and until he or she prove the mantle of writing contents without copy pasting activities.
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