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    Can you think of a literature session?

    Hai all my dear ISC members... for the last 2 months I lost all my connections with you people. During these days I completed my graduation,attended ASAP camp and published my new collection of poetry Shalabhamazha. So happy, I am back now. Hope I will be here from now onwards watching, reading and responding in the forums and sessions. In between putting forward a small suggestion... why can't ISC think about starting a literature session? With lit quiz, new updates on literature,current trends, discussions on books and all. Is it possible? Regards...
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    Generally any new idea is welcomed by the ISC management and in case the author herself is raising some threads or posting some contents etc. on the subjects mentioned by her, there may not be any objection to any of the stakeholders of the ISC. However since the members from varied backgrounds join ISC, the topics of general interest become more popular. Articles section of ISC is one such section where the author can post resources related to literature also. Further since English is used in ISC, literature pertaining to English language only can be discussed though we often discuss Sanskrit literature etc. also. I remember one author who used to raise threads by posting only contents like excerpts from his/her thesis which in most of cases used to go without any response.
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    Welcome back Adila! Really glad to have you back. Congrats on your graduation & the successful publication of your poetry. If it is available for sale online, you are welcome to give the URL of the e-commerce site where it is being sold (give the URL in text format).

    We do have forum threads off and on related to books and discussions on specific books too. You are welcome to start a discussion/debate thread on literature.

    We will keep in mind your suggestion for a contest related to the field of literature. A quiz as such would be too easy, since the answers to the quiz would be easily available on the Net! We could have something indirectly though...let me think....

    In the meanwhile, do participate in the various current and upcoming contests. Looking forward to some interesting threads too from you.

    Managing Editor,

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    Quiz on literature is interesting, but would not be appropriate because the answers would be readily available on Net. However, a contest on literary review of classics may be considered by the Management of ISC. Alternatively, a story-writing contest on odd topics (like writing science fiction or ghost story) can also be arranged.
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    Welcome back Adila and very much delighted to note about your submission on poetry Shalabhamazha in your college. Kindly share the same with us for our interest and understanding.
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    Nice to see you back in action Adila! Congrats on your graduation and publication of your collection of poetry 'Shalabhamazha'! We look forward to some meaningful threads and responses from your side and hope that we won't be missing your presence here any longer!
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