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    Do people wearing branded clothes bargain with the fruit seller for fun only?

    Recently we visited a temple with guests on the outskirts of the city. There were many mango gardens on both sides of the road and at many places the villagers were selling world famous 'dussehri' mangoes. While returning we too stopped to buy some mangoes. They were quoting the price as Rs. 35 a Kg. , though in the city the same were available at not less than Rs. 60 a Kg. in posh markets.
    I distanced myself from the scene and focused on watching the behaviour of the people. Many people halted their swanky cars and people wearing branded clothes alighted to buy the mangoes. They were haggling with the sellers to reduce the price to Rs. 25 a Kg. Finally they were able to get mangoes at Rs. 30 a Kg. On buying 5 Kgs of mangoes, they saved or earned Rs. 25.
    Suddenly a though occurred to my mind that the individuals pay several thousands of rupees while buying branded clothes at the mall without any murmur of protest, but while buying mangoes they bargain like professionals.
    Do people wearing branded clothes bargain with the fruit seller for fun only?
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    Good observation from the author and caught the nice point to discuss here. Invariably I have noticed that only rich has the tendency to bargain and insist on reducing the price. The middle class people wont bargain and give the price as demanded. And I blame the traders also who jack up the price on seeing the customer alighting from car with trim dress. In fact I have seen they double the price and they know those mean people would bargain to half and the trader would succeed anyway. I strongly feel that rich people are the looser as they feel they bargained and earned. But they paid the same price as thought by the trader and hence fooled.
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    Nothing like that, no body waste the time just for sake of fun. Wearing branded dress amterial does not mean he will never bargain anything. He might think he is being cheated or offered higher price , so he start bargaining, as there is no MRP tag fixed at small shops ( whether it is a mango or anything else). Branded products always come with some condition either it will bring a brand in you, or will make you happy by showing off. I do not think there is anything bad to bargain whether the person is rich.
    Although I know the profit margin of a local vendor is definitely very less, but why should I pay a higher amount as they are very much aware that bargain is going to happen and thats why they fix a very higher price at first interaction.

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    It is a common practice for the rich or poor to bargain with the roadside vendors. Why make fun with the poor vendors? I would say that the people wearing branded clothes and bargaining with the fruit seller must be the miserly people who count each and every penny they spend. It is their miserliness that made them to save money to buy branded clothes to wear. No gentle and lavish spending rich people would bargain with the fruit seller, to get profited by some penny. What you observed are the miserly people, I think.
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    @ SUn, I am disagree who ever wearing a branded shirt and bargaining with fruit vendor is a misery person. Just think when ever they purchase the same fruit from departmental store, or vegetable chain shop, they never bargain as they sell at fixed price. This is a common habit of most of Indian to bargain with road side vendor, so we can not judge why a rich person is bargaining. Who does not love to save money? He earned lot of money for his hard work, does not mean he will not bargain with fruit sellers.

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    Whether a person is rich or poor, bargaining is a usual practice as the vendors always quote higher price. It is especially done with rich people. If a person comes in a car , the vendor will jack up the price. This I have observed many a times. Whether one is wearing branded clothes or using branded four wheeler,it does not mean he should not bargain. There is no point in throwing away money. Everyone should bargain and purchase items like fruits. Some people do not like to bargain and they pay the amount quoted by the vendor and go away. It all depends on one's attitude.
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    Though I am still at a loss to understand the connection between wearing branded clothes and bargaining with a street vendor, I proceed with the assumption that the author is referring to the rich. Actually, it is not the question of being rich or poor; we tend to bargain because we have a registered mentality that street vendors generally quote a higher price as they expect people to bargain. There is no fixed price as in malls or stores and the competition among the sellers is also another reason. A commodity being sold by one at a particular price can be had from another vendor nearby at a relatively lower cost and this makes them vulnerable, a factor which is taken advantage of by the consumers.
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    Buying branded clothes is contrast of bargaining. While buying branded clothes people pay excessive amount without batting an eyelid which costs fortune in contrast to haggling while buying with a street vendor which saves only a pittance.
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    While buying branded items, one has no option for bargaining. In The case of a street vendor, we have the option to bargain and purchase the required items at a cheaper rate than what he quotes. The branded items will be available for the same price all over the country. The prices of the items which the vendors sell have different rates depending upon the demand and supply, time of the purchase. In a single day the price varies for the same item. It is not appropriate to compare these two items.
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    Ms. SP,
    I am sure a guy born with a silver spoon or golden spoon may not bargain with the street vendor. Instead, they may get into a big shop/stall for marketing. Only those who raised from the low level to wear branded clothes must be trying to get the stuff from the street vendor after a bargain. Through this, we can ascertain the real background of such bargaining personalities wearing a branded cloth.

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    Whatever it might be rich person of poor we should keep the habit of bargain,it is our right

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