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    What occupation Indians will do in the poor nations?

    If you see a cricket match in any part of the Continent whether it Australia, South America, Europe,Africa , Asia in every where Indian public exist not only in rich nations even in a poor nations like Zimbabwe or West Indies or Kenya everywhere Indians exist I think even Somalia also Indians do exist. What occupation they do in these poor nations where people of the same nation struggle to survive?Do you think there are jobs to do for Indian public in these poor nations.Knowledgeable members can respond to this question.
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    In many countries people of Indian origin migrated centuries ago and nowadays have become a part and parcel of those countries. They share the country's joys and sorrows as well. Many Indians were taken to outside India during the British period as labors also and few enterprising one migrated for doing petty business. Even in the poorer countries the basic systems exist as people require traders and healthcare/educational services providers as well. In India also there are poverty stricken localities, where not only the grocery shops, but the cigarette/beedi and more prominently booze shop can also be seen. Even the poor people require clothes to wear and entertainment also though of cheaper variety. In India many poor labors from the stats like Chhatisgarh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh migrate to industrialized states like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab etc. where they get some work/employment.
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    Well some Individuals and youths are promised of good job by the agents and the interviews are conducted with hifi methods. Having bowled over the hospitality and ambiance, and having selected for the job with good pay, some youths fall prey to this trick and leave for that country. On reaching there the original job assigned was not given and instead sub standard, or no where connected job is given and one has to do under compulsion as passports are seized and one cannot even come back home. So having deceived some people wont reveal to the parents or family here and continue with harassed job and thus they ruin themselves and also family here.
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    There are two types Indian people who settled down at poor countries, one is already migrated before, and another is they go for job ( might be there is any Indian company or any foreign company n which they are being posted at such job role and get such amount which they might not able to get it in India.
    We can not say any country poor than India means there is no earning opportunity at all. Like UNICEF people get posted all over world with a high salary, or might be Indian company selling their products or any manufacturing industry due to the raw material available there. We can not guess until unless we meet the Indian personally who working in such poor countries.

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