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    Why some people have the habit of saying words in rhyming ?

    I was observing two North Indian friends talking and exchanging pleasantries. One of them said that " Aaj raath ko rukh jaana, kaana woona kaakey, rest vust, lekay, subah, chai wai nashta vasta karleke nikaljana. For that other person replied that, Woh yaar mujhe koi jaroori kaam vaam hai, aur mujhe thuranth nikalna voga. Nahitho kal Banti vanti ko school vool chodne dikkath hogi. Phir kabhi aayengey Nashta vusta karlenga, thoda is shehar bhi gum vum lenge. Now when you observe they are using some words in rhyming and that looks good also for listening. Do you have habit of talking in such type. Kindly append your views.
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    Use of such words is called reduplication in linguistics. It is prevalent in many other languages of the world also. There is a base word which is copied by another word known as reduplicant. Some such examples in English language are - 'super duper', 'walkie talkie', 'teenie weenie', 'razzle dazzle' etc.
    Sometimes exact reduplications are used e.g. in the case of 'bye bye', 'no no', 'pee pee' etc.

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    More than English, it is very common in regional languages. In Tamil, repetition of word with little change in pronunciation is known as 'Rettai Kizhavi". It cannot be said as rhyming. Few such words from Tamil.

    Dey, veettukku keettukku ponaaya? (Did you go home.......)
    Illai Aval adichu kidichu poduvaal. (No , she would beat........ me)
    Nee anga inge suthurathalathaan. ( Because you roam here and there)
    Sari olungaa velaiyai keelaiyai paaru. (OK, Go to work.......... regularly)
    Vaa coffee keefee shappitalam. (Come Let us have coffee..........)
    Nee thuttu kittu thara vendaam.(You need not pay any paise..........)
    Nee meenu keenu shappiduvayaa? (Do you eat fish............?)
    Illai, Mutta kitta irunthaal pothum. (No. only egg ..........will suffice)
    Nee ISC KiSCnnu computerleye iruppaye? (You must be at ISC......... with your computer)
    Aama, Konjam Kaasu keesu sambathikka vendaama. (Yes. should I not earn some sum.........)

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