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    Have the magnanomity to appreciate others even on their small break through or achievements

    Most of the people are having a rare wish that others want to appreciate them even for small achievement. Some people dress for others and not for themselves and by having good dress sense they expect good comments and liking of attire by others. Some have good hair style and they maintain the same just have the observation of others on it and get a nice appreciation or applause. Likewise some cook good food and want others to say wah wah and give good comments about the taste. Make sure that these are basic expectations from others and giving our pat cost us nothing.
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    It is a basic human nature to yearn for appreciation. Besides giving satisfaction and contentment to the individual concerned, it acts as a source of motivation also. A lot of better results can be obtained merely by uttering few words of appreciation even if the same are fake.
    Women yearn for appreciation of their beauty. Perhaps the only other thing which makes them happier, is the appreciation of their own children.
    As far as men are concerned, I think there is no common factor which pleases all men alike. Appreciation of some of qualities or personality traits which makes the men happy are their physical strength, skill, authority/power, wealth, intelligence etc.
    It is considered as a social etiquette to talk nicely to each other which sometimes work wonders. Even the most corrupt individuals are likely to feel happy when labeled as being honest. Such qualities are generally highlighted in obituaries.
    In case of death of wealthy individuals, if nothing else is readily available, then they are said to be kind hearted and humble/down to earth in nature etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    One should appreciate sincerely and truthfully. A false appreciation is actually deception.
    If there is some lacking and needs improvement the telling that truth in soft, non hurting way itself is a akin to appreciation.

    Sometimes even small gestures of a soft pat, a gentle embrace, a thumbs up signal or an appreciative nod of head itself can convey appreciation. Whatever be it, it should be sincere and for encouraging the person for good acts and efforts.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    I agree with Venkiteswaran sir that appreciation should be sincere and truthful. Appreciating a person just to make him happy actually amounts to cheating him. A word of appreciation does make one feel satisfied and can motivate him but a fake appreciation is likely to bring in negative results. So, be it a friend or foe, we must be true to ourselves while appreciating others. For example, if we appreciate a newbie in ISC for a thread posted by him which conveys no meaning, we are actually halting his chances of improvement which will only harm his prospects.
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    Yes, it is an extremely relevant thread. We must recognize others achievements. In this connection I would like to mention an anecdote from cricket field.

    Chandrasekhar, the great leg spinner of India, had a world record against his name. He holds the record of scoring maximum zeroes. However, once he scored 22, which was his highest in test cricket. When he returned to the pavilion he was being congratulated by all Indian cricketers, manager & even reporters. When a gentleman asked about the reason, a reporter told him that Chandra scored his highest in test cricket. When the gentleman started laughing, the reporter simply told him that the score of 22 was hundred times more precious to Chandrasekhar than a century to Sunil Gavaskar.

    So an achievement to a person is always very precious, even if it is insignificant to others.

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