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    Have you ever tried to have a Haircut by yourself?

    Men can have a clean shave by themselves with the help of a razor with a sharp blade by standing in front of the mirror. But it is not possible to have their haircut by themselves with or without a mirror. It is an herculian task, I must say.

    Have you ever tried to have a haircut by yourself?

    I just happened to read Mahatma Gandhi's 'My experiment with Truth. In that, he has narrated his experience of having his hair cut by himself.

    QUOTE "All people who go to England learn there at least the art of shaving, but none, to my knowledge, learn to cut their own hair. I had to learn that too. I once went to an English hair-cutter in Pretoria. He contemptuously refused to cut my hair. I certainly felt hurt, but immediately purchased a pair of clippers and cut my hair before the mirror. I succeeded more or less in cutting the front hair, but I spoiled the back. The friends in the court shook with laughter.
    'What's wrong with your hair, Gandhi? Rats have been at it?'
    'No. The white barber would not condescend to touch my black hair,' said I, 'so I preferred to cut it myself, no matter how badly.'
    The reply did not surprise the friends.
    The barber was not at fault in having refused to cut my hair. There was every chance of his losing his custom if he should serve black men. We do not allow our barbers to serve our untouchable brethren. I got the reward of this in South Africa, not once, but many times, and the conviction that it was the punishment for our own sins saved me from becoming angry." UNQUOTE(Courtesy The book 'My experiments with Truth')

    Members, Post your good experience and comments on Gandhi's self-hair cut.

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    I read in books that Mahatma Gandhi Ji, tried to have his own haircutting. But I have not tried though intended. I gave up that idea as why should I to prevent the earnings of a barber that too we are going there only twice in a month.

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    Oh! One of my favourite topics! I did try to do my own haircut (of course, without being inspired by Gandhi) during my childhood. No comments on the disastrous result and subsequent treatment from my father! But the most insulting thing was that when my father was taking me to the barber after my experiment and his treatment, some girls of my age and class were visually enjoying the conclusion of my experiment (on my skull) and laughing their hearts out!
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    Hair cut by self. Something which is not possible nor recommended. Why because for every work there are professionals who are experienced and make the progress in work easily in their own way. Just because a cobbler can stitch the torn of shoes easily on watching him keenly, we cannot just do the same and try for ourselves. Let every person who is professional in his own way live and get the livelihood. By the way some times we wont get satisfied with the hair cut done by professionals and keep asking more to do, then how come we may expect perfection by doing the same on our own. The idea is far beyond imagination and action.
    K Mohan
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    Yes. Once i tried to make my hair in a different style. When i am in school my friends were use different haircuts. From that i love one style which is the left side is become polished. So when in a holiday i tried to make that hair cut. So i cut some portion but it appears like the rat is cut the hair. So suddenly i am place a cap and goto saloon for clearing my fault. Then he cut my whole hair for maintain that.

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