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    Stress of peaceful married life in Islam

    Leading a peaceful life is an important one to any one especially in today's culture. All our religions are stressing the peaceful married life and in many places the divorce or quarrelling are condemned. In this Holy Ramzan period, let us see that the Islam is stressing the peaceful life of married people and leading to such a way what the husband and wife should do is explained in a simple way. In Quran 2.187, it has been told that "they (women) are all dress for you and you (men) are all dress for them'. This simple quote consists a huge meaning that is a dress to one is all as it saves Chastity, it gives respect, beautifulness. Further the Quran prevents the marriage with whom clearly in the verse 3.23.

    Though religions are different, their teachings are one and same.
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    I don't think there is any religion in the world which don't talk about leading a peaceful married life. As a matter of fact the relationship between spouses is unique in the sense that two individuals from two different families join each other that too after spending their childhood, adolescence and early youth periods at different places and in different families/environment and suddenly they become partners of one of the strongest relationships. After the birth of their children, their relationship further strengthens. Even in the western culture which is said to very open, adultery is considered a sin. In Hinduism also there are beautiful concepts and practices about chastity , faithfulness and having only one spouse etc.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Now days whether it is about a married life, or about living style, none of followed by what is written on books ( Gita, Bible or quoran), we all decide to live the way depending upon our environment and easiness to us. Although we all know that every books is being written for the benefits of human being, but in this commercial world it is difficult to follow all those. So try to make your family and married life happily as per your situations allowed. Do not force your self or bent down so much to make happy other. You will loose your own charm of living.

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