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    Music Therapy in a novel way according to science but ethically old one Recently in Germany a coupl

    Recently in Germany a couple approached their doctor as the lady though got pregnant found no movement in the stomach even at the peak period. The doctors of Berlin Hospital, checked her told that, 'the child has life but no movement and the reason is unknown.' Puzzled and feared couple, for mental peace they started to hears the musical cassette on Thiruvasagam sung by Ilayaraja, Tamil musician. They felt some change in them by hearing the Thiruvasagam continuously, the wife also felt some change in her during that time. By hearing this from her the husband repeated played the Thiruvasagam and found the movement of child in her stood stopped when the playing of Thiruvasagam stopped. By believing the power of Thiruvasagam, they continuously played the music of Thiruvasagam in their house till the 10th month of her pregnancy. Exactly on the completion of tenth month the child came out without any problem and made the entire doctor team into wonder. The couple recently met Ilayaraja at Chennai, India with the newborn baby and got blessings. We Indians especially Tamilians totally ignores our earlier findings which are like treasures of Science in many angles. But Western people realize the importance and speciality of our earlier findings including the treatment of Bhogar.
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    The Music Therapy Trust in India offers a post graduate diploma in 'clinical music therapy'. It is a one years duration course and the eligibility criteria for admission is a graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university, good communication skills in spoken/written English and professional level of proficiency in instrumental and/or vocal music. The course content includes psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, rehabilitation, understanding of traditional healing practices, family therapy and speech therapy etc. The course include practical clinical training with special focus on autism, developmental disorders, mental health, palliative care, oncology, HIV and community music therapy etc.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This was known to people in our country. Most Kings had the Durbar and Darbar had many musicians to relieve the stress of the King. Traditional wisdom passed on from generation to generation also prescribed pregnant adies not to be around high noises, but to hear and relax with good music .

    Dr .Mythili from Chennai had done research on music therapy and she is practising this o patients. I had seen a couple of video clips where she speaks about that.

    Sri. Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri, who is a composer and music director to some Malyalam films, is a proponent of music therapy..

    Each musical Raga has some particular attributes and can be helpful in curing particular health issues. Those who learn music are taught about the time a raga has to be sung and the useful effects of that Raaga.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Music , especially our traditional music is so powerful that the person listening to the music will reach higher states of dimensions in life.

    And yes we Indians discovered many things before the world and it is now our responsibility to bring back the lost tradition.

    Its a great discussion.

    Its a great discussion

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    Wow this magic music therapy once again proved that against modern health science, the old and ancient music therapy still holds good and with perfect results. Music has the power to melt the stone, and why not bring the baby to life ?
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    We might have read from our puranas that the child got information from the womb itself. In Prahalatha story we read the child prahlath learned the Nama of Narayana through Narada muni as told to Leelavathi, wife of Hiranyakshan. Similarly from Mahabharat we read the braking of Chakravyuha was learnt by Abhimanyu through Lord Krishna at the womb level. The puranas tells us the way to form wellness to our younger generations. Similarly the Music therapy is developed by Holy shri Ganapathi Sachchithananda Swamiji of Dattapeetham near Mysore,Karnataka. Reference can be get from the websites : &

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    I think it has been a well known fact since ages that music has therapeutic properties. It is not a novel way, albeit it is not the conventional method either. I think ever since the concept of music was born, humans knew of its healing properties as well as its ability to affect us at a psychological level. We can't say that music therapy is seeing a revival now, because it simply never ever went away. There has never been a period when people stopped creating or listening to music.
    Music can do many things. A lullaby helps a baby sleep. A war song helps the warriors get their adrenaline high. Music helps people get over grief, sadness, depression. Music is used to celebrate and express happiness. Music can help improve concentration. Music can be used for meditation and relaxation. There is a plethora of ways music can affect us.
    I personally often use calm instrumental music for sleeping as well as while working. It is the perfect balm for stressed nerves.


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