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    Yepee- Its my season, my time well their is a whole variety of mango but I am unique"Totapari aam"

    O my god my dream came true I got selected for the compettion I just got the news from my friend "dashari" i was unable to believe my ears for a few minutes but then I tought its because the answers I gave to judges about my father's teaching and the values he taught me.
    Actually I never even have a thought about entering that compettion as it is one of the most prestigous compettion for mango community and only three candidates are selected from millions of mangos in the season to enter in the "most liked fruit of year " organized by humans it is not just a compettion of mangos but of whole "fruit community" and from all different fruit community only three reprsent each community.
    It all happen when we were picked up from fields and was taken to be sold to humans and when we reach in that new place those expensive mangos "alphonso" and "hafus" insulted me and my friends dasshari,langda for being fruit for common men and they are for rich community that just ripped my heart.
    And I decided to fight them and proof them the lesson my father tree taught me that "our only objective to be born in this world is to donate and sacrify everything we can and bring happiness on the face of whoever eats us" but these mangos thinks that as the elite classes buy them they are special but I know its a wrong thinking their is no place of any discrimination in any society.
    They laugh at my name at my shape but I will prove them wrong.
    Its the day of compettion I am quite nervous we all are out in the "most liked fruit of the year" we are all getting picked up by few children of humans who are in very torn clothes and very bad condition on their head in the big boxes which are very heavy for these children as their are many fruits. In these boxes we are in different baskets reprsenting different fruits and with me there are those arrogent hafus and alphanso we are placed in very beautiful table now baskets are seperated and placed their after which organizer gave some money to those children and told him to stay away from stage and those peoples with beautiful clothing.
    From distance that child was looking peoples with the same look I used to look at those arrogent mangos then I tried to focus on compettion I looked above judges they were coming near to us whole cameras was on us.
    Suddenly one of those children came running picked me up and ran away I was in a complete shock I thought alphonso would be laughing at my destiny that at last I was in the hands of poor kid, than that child grabed me and begans to eat me I was totally in the feeling of disgust but than I looked at that child's smiling face and remember my fathers words about the "amazing feeling of satisfaction seeing someone happy and for that sacrifying yourself" but suddenly gaurds came running behind that child all cameras on his face his smile converted into fears but then judges came they scolded the organizers I don't know why but then all those fruits were distributed among all those kids I was watching all this and actually at this moment I really don't care about "alphonso" and his derrogative comments I am the happiest and luckiest fruit to watch all those children happy .
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    Nice thought on being a thotapuri mango. We all enjoy eating mango and definitely we will have a smile. I love any mangoes and I am not specific only to Alphonso.

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    Through this thought provoking write up, the author connected her with Thotapari mango and I am also one of the favorite of this great variety which can be easily cut and tasted without any spilling on our cloths.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    There are many varieties of mangoes available in India. Different regions have there own specialties. Some of the most famous one are dashehari, langra, safeda and chausa in Uttar Pradesh; alphonso, pairi, rajapuri and kesar in Maharashtra; kishen bhog, langra and fazli in West Bengal; banganapalli and totapuri in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka etc.
    Generally mango has become an cultural aspect of India and people belonging to different regions rate their own local variety as superior than the others. One reason of such a scenario is that the local varieties can be consumed in its best form at their home ground only as by the time they reach other regions, they lose their flavor and taste. There are more chances of getting artificially ripened varieties at distant places.
    Regarding the story presented by the author, the theme is good. However as far as children are concerned, generally they are not too choosy about the variety and relish any type of mango available to them

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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