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    How honest is your technician when he repairs your gadgets?

    Whenever we get our gadgets repaired, whether it may be a Laptop or desktop or a mobile, we are not sure that they will be repaired at a lower cost. Also, there is no guarantee that your item is not subjected to cannibalization. Perhaps, you might come across this beautiful word 'cannibalization' which means that a part of the item would be removed and put into use in some other gadget and so on. Same is the case with the mechanics of vehicles whether two wheeler or four wheeler. We rarely find honest people in the field and their attitude is - 'Make hay while the Sun shines'.

    Few months back, I had a bitter experience with our Dell make Laptop and the technician who dealt it in such a way that none could get it repaired and the authorized service dealer says that I was deceived. Whether it could be Pune or Bhubaneswar or Hyderabad, everywhere the story is the same with reference to mechanics and their mechanism.

    Please share your experience and how to go about while getting such items repaired?
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    There is no guarantee that the item given for repair will be given back without cannibalization as referred by you. I always prefer to get the item repaired in my presence as far as possible. In case I have to leave it with the repairer, I always have the nagging doubt about the possibility of some of the parts may be replaced with inferior quality spares. Once I took my car to the authorised service center for a repair. I left the car iwith them for one day. After repair I found that the oil seals of the steering box are leaking. When I brought it to the notice of the service center, they replied that it must be in the same condition when it was brought there. I am quite certain that the steering box is replaced with a defective one. There is nothing I could do. The matter was taken to the notice of their head office without any positive result. It is the same everywhere.
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    I always get my gadgets serviced at company authorised workshops only. Both the four wheeler and two wheelers are serviced at the company authorised workshops only periodically as recommended by the manufacturers in their manual. Each time the workshop mechanics recommend replacement of some minor spare parts and thus they remain satisfied.
    Last year I had replaced my laptop as well as desktop by buying new ones at Dell's company store. After sometime there developed some problem in the desktop which was covered under warranty. It is a long story, but finally the company replaced the mother board itself at my own place.
    Regarding other gadgets, generally the washing machine and water purifier requires more attention than the refrigerators. It is advisable to cover them under annual maintenance contract.
    I agree with the author that once you take the product to a local mechanic, the product will never remain the same. They do perform product cannibalization.

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    Yes, it is same everywhere. Whatever tricks we follow to avoid such circumstances, mechanics will play their own tricks to deceive us. Since we can't be an expert in every field, we can't avoid such situations. The best we can do is to learn some electronics/electricals/mechanicals so that we can repair our equipment on our own to some extent. I do the same for all my household consumer electronics products. May be my educational background is helping me in this regard. Others at least can take help of some youtube videos to repair their items. But there is no other alternative except visiting a mechanic when we can't do it on our own.

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    What I sincerely feel that when we are not aware of something, we cannot pass remarks or have doubts on the performers who are professional and know them. Some times when I visit cobbler to repair the chappal or shoes, the way he stitches seems to be easy and every one can do, But we cannot and would not do that simply because it is easy. What ever work entrusted to some one, they are the masters in it and we must give them the freedom to set right the things. In Tamil there is a saying that who ever prepares Jaggery , they tend to have some taste now and then and for that they cannot be removed from the service by owner. So is the case here.
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    There is no point in expecting all technicians to be honest. The more ignorant we are about the technical side, more are the chances of being deceived because most of the time we have no choice but to believe what the technician says. My brother-in-law was sharing an experience he had with his car recently. He took his car to the service center with some minor problems. The technician looked up for defects and came up with a long list including replacement of some major parts. Since my brother-in-law had been behind the steering for quite a long time and was aware about the technical details he questioned the technician asking for further details and clarifications which made him fumble and ultimately the vehicle was put on road with some minor repairs. So, there is every possibility of one being cheated if we 'appear' to be ignorant about the mechanisms or parts involved.
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    We have three types of technician available to get our things repaired.
    1st- Authorized service center. Where they charge little extra as service fees, but they keep mostly skilled person, and cheating there is very less.
    2nd- Service center either by franchise or created by self employment- There fees is little cheap might be same as authorized service center, where they keep mix of skilled, and unskilled person, so there is chances of either getting fully solved or half solved or chances of detecting of wrong fault by technician.
    3rd- Purely unskilled person but they learn by experience and they want to make some extra money, they charge very less fees, but there is risk of duplicate of parts, replaced your original parts with duplicate, and might not solve your actual issue.

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    It is true with local service providers but not with authorized service providers.
    I have experienced similar incidence with my Dell Laptop. My key pad was not working properly and I took it to the local service provider who handed me a heavy bill.
    After some 3-4 days, the problem was there back and this time I decided to take it to authorized service centre for Dell.
    They did the needful but to my surprise, they said that the laptop battery is not original. I never changed the battery, so it was obvious that local service provider did the same without taking my concern.
    I was cheated but was helpless.


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