I am the favorite among children. Me a Rasalu variety Mango. The squeezing Mango.

Come summer, it would be a gala time for the mangoes , the king of all fruits, and surely there are many varieties to taste and enjoy. But nothing beats the preference of Rasalu. This is me. I am the most fond of varieties among the children because children like squeezing and just they tear off my tip and start squeezing the pulp with ease and enjoy the taste of mango which cannot be matched or available with other varieties.

But I feel sorry this summer. Due to unwanted rains during pre summer and heavy gale and wind during summer season this time, all my varieties were destroyed and only few are available for disposal. Children are being denied of my variety citing reason for too much cost this time. But never mind, given the taste and enjoyment, parents are also obliging to afford more for this season as nothing is special than children happiness to enjoy this fruit.

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