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    Rahul Gandhi goes on 'short trip' abroad

    A day after his 46th birthday, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi tweeted on Monday that he would be travelling out of the country for a "short visit", but did not disclose the destination. The Congress leader also took to Twitter to thank all those who met and wished him on his birthday. Rahul is leaving the country at a time when temperatures in the northern India are still high. As usual, his tweet has set off wild speculation on social media about the choice of his holiday destination though he has not stated whether he is going on a vacation.

    On Twitter, many people trolled him for the timing of his trip. However, I feel he has been dead tired after receiving wishes, garlands and gifts from thousands/lakhs of people during his birthday. He surely deserves a short holiday.
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    Rahul Gandhi going on short trip abroad is not a big news. People go on vacation all the time. The media makes it a big point and creates discussions and debates on his possible destination and timing of his trip. I do not know why media is so much obsessed with him. He never held a post in the Government. Most of the time he keeps to himself. Trolling Rahul Gandhi or for that matter anyone on social media is becoming a bad trend. Unfortunately people are hired for this very job. This is not good for the social media. Such trolls are filled with hatred and ridiculing. A very bad trend indeed.
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    Rahul Gandhi is not a common man like you and me, obviously it happens in media, whether a celebrity ( film star, sports person or politician) become popular, every body wants to know about them, their life style etc, similarly as Rahul Gandhi is the vice president of Congress party and from GAndhi family who rule this country for many year, going on a holiday is also a big news. But yes Media or any body should not disturb him, by following, or asking irritating question, as he also need a excursion trip to get relaxed.

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    Rahul Gandhi going abroad on a short trip is a news as important as the news of Sri Modi remaining in India for a few days! Thanks to our media including the instant journalists on the social networking sites, we find anything and everything interesting and worthy of being a news and worthy of being a topic for discussion. If Rahul Gandhi wants to go on a vacation, why should we be bothered? After all he is going in his personal capacity as an individual and we must allow him that freedom.

    Trolling started as fun but is now being used by many without giving it the due seriousness which is surely not for good.

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    While Modi goes abroad, it matters. Generally most of people believe that Modi's foreign visits are in the national interest and are aimed at strengthening India's economic ties with the countries of the world. Rahul's out of country visit also matters, but in positive direction only for the congress. At least during his period of absence, out of context and irrelevant statements are not made by him which causes damage to his paternal or maternal political party.
    I think the destination is not disclosed as he mostly visits exotic locations for relaxation etc. Last time when he had returned after long leave, it appeared that he has received some training course in personality development and public speaking.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well taking a break from routine is the attitude of human being, and Rahul Gandhi cannot be exception. He made lots of efforts in the recently held elections but Congress failed to garner support from the voter. Never mind wining or losing is part of the political game but as a Individual Rahul might have felt exhausted. Moreover his brother in law , Robert Vadhera is currently facing hostile phase from political circles and the opponents wants to drag him to legal complications. So by seeing all this Rahul Gandhi might have thought fit to leave the country for short break and he has to come back soon as big elections to many state assemblies are on cards.
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    Rahul Gandhi is going abroad in his personal capacity but not in the capacity of the Vice President of Congress Party. The media should have the decency not to encroach upon his personal life. He may be a celebrity by virtue of his birth into Gandhi family but that does not take away his right to privacy in his personal matters.
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    Has Rahul Gandhi told the destination of his trip.?
    I am sure he will do something better for his loyal party "congress" in his trip,it might be a strategy for the upcoming vote .
    Or we can thing in any angle because he doesn't clarify for his birthday vacation.

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    How many times common people (even from upper class society) visit abroad? From where do they get the money? Various authorities take note of frequent foreign visitors. What about this case?

    There are many questions, the answers of which are now necessary.

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    An individual's private life is different than his/her public life. Here the question arises as why people are so curious about the destination of Rahul Gandhi. Many children visit their maternal grandparents place during school vacations. Nowadays many middle class people visit foreign destinations like Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mauritius etc. as tourists for rest and recreation. As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned even his maternal grand parents place is in a foreign land. Once Rahul Gandhi had revealed to the press that he had a Spanish girlfriend, living in Venezuela.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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