My five star makeover of Delhi-frozen and stuffed alphonso mango kulfi

[This entry gets the 3rd prize for the 'Me, a mango' creative writing contest]

I was sitting comfortably with my Alphonso cousins in a warm.and cosy shed when I heard the shutter being pulled up.
"Kuremal Mahavir Prasad Kulfi Wale " read the signboard in front of us.Then it struck us as to what was going to happen to us within hours.
You have all had ice cream and eaten my mango cousins of all types from around the country but have you ever had an ice cream made with me in a ripe sibling mango who has to be sliced with a hacksaw?
We alphonsoes were flown into Delhi and were now in Chawri Bazar, a much sought after food street serving brilliant looking mango kulfi.
My final appearance could be seen from the signboard on the front door which showed a Frozen mango cousin, solid as a rock and shivering as he was covered in ice crystals!
As we were taken into the shop, could see our new companion ,kesari kulfi bhai being made in a huge copper pot and being stirred continuously lest the could get stuck to the vessel and burn himself.He was famous since ages as the traditional Indian style ice cream who was relished by even foreigners visiting the city.
He was thick and creamy and just like his many other Indian dessert sisters (such as malaiyo), he would be spiced up using cardamom to give him a flavor distinguish ing from his foreign dessert family members in the West.
We could hear the head chef explaining the staff how we had to skin our peel and keep us ready for a stuffing!The genius of our future form mango kulfi at Kuremal Mahavir Prasad Kulfi Wale in Delhi begins with us and ends with us as we are considered supreme in northern India.
The chef was explaining how we would be sliced at the top of our heads so that our seed could be dug out and replaced with our creamy ice cream kesari kulfi bhai. We would then be sealed with clay and frozen in a blizzard freezer until we were more solid than a rock finally to be mercilessly cut with hacksaw blade!
A customer came in and ordered one of our newly formed brothers in the freezer. The chef took out a hammer and chopped off the clay bottom, chipping it off like he was tearing down a concrete sidewalk with a sledge hammer.After the hammer torture , he took out a hacksaw blade and started peeling his skin mercilessly.
He then sawed him into bite sized manageable pieces and he shouted for help as the blade cut through his skin. I'm telling you, he was frozen so solid that only a saw could have done the job!
His beautiful kulfi interior was studded with pistachios and bits of cherries and he looked very elegant as he was neatly chopped off into chunks in a plate and served to the amazed customer.
They charged him 200 Indian rupees, which came as a little bit of a shock to him at first, but it was explained to him that we had gone through a lot to finally come to this beautiful form and we deserved to be sold at that price. That being said, the chef also told him that we were different from the smaller kulfis on a stick who were being sold for just 25 Indian rupees.
I can tell you that paying that much for me will be totally worth as I look,feel and taste lovely along with kesari kulfi bhai inside me! It also came to my knowledge that our new shop was little tough to find, you would have to take a right at a fruit store in the lane "Kucha Pati Ram," which was the name of the alley where you would come looking for me!