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    Possible positive effect of yoga on Indian politics.

    Yesterday the media was abuzz with telecasting footage of many ministers and other political figures participating in programs celebrating second international yoga day. Two notable absentees were Arvind Kejriwal at Delhi and Nitish Kumar at Patna. It was quite a scene to watch Amit Shah practicing/demonstrating yoga.
    I think in case only the politicians are able to adopt yoga as a routine, it will help the country a lot. Then perhaps their temperament will become calm and composed and there will no brick batting and mud slinging on each other.
    What are your comments about the issue?
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    I am just wondering as to why Kejriwal and Nitish Kumar were absent from Yoga exercises and events. When a International day was observed, it is the duty of every citizen to participate irrespective of preferences and liking. In this regard I wish to applaud AP CM Chandrababu Naidu taking active part in yoga exercises and in fact his entire cabinet was seen yoga. By the way some parties like JDU, AAP and MIM are thinking that yoga is the creation from Modi and they seldom give importance to that matter. However people have come to know the importance and glad that some politicians are also on tow. May good sense develop in each politician by following yoga.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    We,of late, are not taking anything as genuine but mingling the politics in it. Without seeing the designation or posting etc., we should take it in a genuine way. If a chief Minister is a doctor (not honorary but medically qualified) he or she automatically bring some novel ideas on the wellness of the people and in that situation we should take it in a positive way without mingling the politics.

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    Practicing yoga is not only for the politicians. It is good for mental health and as well as body health. But for generating news some peoples are doing yoga. It is a bad thing. I don't think all the ministers will do yoga daily. Some of them are just do it for a sensational news. Also, if they are doing such things for promoting other people, it will be good.

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    Yoga and politics are totally two different entities. The politicians even if they practice yoga regularly, they do not refrain from playing politics. Yoga is for keeping the body in fit condition. There is no guarantee that yoga will keep one's mind in a calm and composed state.
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