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    Women,the better multitaskers?

    Research work done by a famous psychologist has shown that men typically do one and a half things at a time, but women, especially mothers, do closer to five.
    A study at Michigan State University found that women multitask 10 hours more per week than men and that engaging in multitasking activities increases stress, negative emotions, and perceived work-life conflict. This may be one reason women experience more stress than men even if their workloads are similar.
    Another reason is that women typically worry more than men and are twice as likely as men to suffer from anxiety.
    Research attributes this to both structural and chemical differences in their brains. A lack of focused attention often can lead to greater anxiety because our thoughts go to worrying about the future.
    Focused attention is a meditation technique which can be practised to gain control over such situations and giving the best performance for the current tasks without taking stress and anxiety about its completion,deadlines etc.
    Members,what are your observations on this topic in your respective fields for both the genders ?
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    I have noticed two noteworthy points mentioned by the author - ' lack of focused attention often can lead to greater anxiety' and 'focused attention is a meditation technique'.
    It is true that meditation coupled with yoga and pranayam can contribute significantly in managing the multitasking functions. It may not be that much challenging for a multitasker to add one additional task in the list.
    As far as working women are concerned, their one task is of permanent nature to constantly think about their kids. In addition to that there may be other tasks like caring about the family and household affairs besides their normal functions in office in case of working women.
    Generally women are able to focus more on their official duties and perform better after certain age when the children grow up and become self dependent.
    Many men are also involved with multitasking and some times have even some additional tasks of surreptitious kind.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do agree with the author that women are best in multitasking when compared to the men. I have seen that many women working in the office never say know to new works assigned to them and keep continuing their work and accomplishing it. Probably for this reason I find lots of women employees are working in banks desks to cater to the needs of surging account holders. The way they type on the key board and at the same time seek information from other account holders, then putting the pass book on the printer to get the latest printed, giving the token to the with drawing customer, all these are done with multitasking without asking the customer to wait.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Women are better than men in multitasking. The women whether she is a housewife or an employee, look after the family and are involved in various activities which make them good at multitasking. The women require lot of planning to look after the children, food arrangements for all and various other chores. Unless they have the multitasking capabilities, the family will be in shambles.
    With regards

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    I would agree that multitasking is a pain and definitely does increase anxiety and stress. Hard luck for women that their brains are designed for multitasking. This lack of focused attention not only affects work efficiency, but leads to consumption of much extra time.
    It is essential to try and train our brains to focus on a single activity at a time, so that it can be completed in a timely and efficient manner without the anxiety. However, the nature of most women centric work requires focusing on multiple things at a time. For example, traditionally women doing household chores, are focusing on the multiple things cooking in the kitchen plus keeping an eye on the kids, attending calls, monitoring the maid, etc. etc. at the same time. Majority of working women carry this multitasking habit even to their work place. So it is very understandable that they get stressed if they are not able to designate priorities to tasks and do them one by one.


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    I agree that by their innate nature women are good multitaskers especially in home related matters.

    A patient watch in the morning in a normal day of lady of the house can show us how much things and tasks she attends simultaneously. Many times we wonder how she accomplishes al that. Most of those tasks may be for others sake only.

    That is why it is expected of other members of the house to give her proper understanding co-operation to the maximum extend.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Yes, we have to respect ladies for their simultaneous hard works. They sincerely complete all the works. The childrens are also very energetic for doing works on house. Specially the girls are helping their mothers. For the boys and man, they never do a job which is boring and too time spending. They do not concentrate on multiple jobs at same time. A woman will wake up before 5 am and do all the jobs to send their childrens school. So the womans are good multitaskers.

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    Although I can not deny that women are multitasking, but I believe that doing multi task purely depend upon the situations and requirement.
    If you are giving example of those women who do work at office and at evening they take care of the home, I can say some school teacher ( male person) who teach tehir students at school, again due to earn more money they give tuition at own home, coaching center or at the home of a student and they never get tiered. Even after that they need to do shopping for home, attains the function party of friends and families. So all it depend upon what is your needs and with whom you are living.

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