I am that Mango which is carefully selected and picked

[This entry gets 2nd prize for the 'Me, a mango' creative writing contest]

People from every age group like me. You find me in everyone's home even after my season is gone. I will be preserved for many months and people enjoy eating me. Wondering who I am and what I am talking about? Let me clear all your doubts. I am the Raw Mango famously known as the Kaccha Mango. No food is complete without me. When the mango season starts, I am the first to be grown. People select me and make a variety of tasty pickles out me. People love to have me in the form of pickle in their food every day. I enhance the taste of curd rice, parathas, rotis etc. I am cut into pieces, dressed with salt, chilli powder, oil and other spices to enjoy my taste even more.
As my season starts, you find people selling me in many places. Small children eat me with salt and chilli powder. Wow! I am so much liked by people and I am so famous in India that people are so much addicted to me. Pregnant ladies also feel like having me a lot. Unlike other mangos like Badami, Alphonso which are enjoyed only in season, I am the one enjoyed even during the off season and that makes me feel unique and special. My season itself is like a festival in many villages. As my season starts people buy me raw, they sit and work together in turning me into a beautiful and tasty pickle. In this way I unite people who are always busy with their work and hardly find time.
I will be used even for making a mango candy. Since people love my taste I am used in various forms. I am also converted into tasty chutneys to have it with dosa, Roti etc. For a moment, imagine this world without me. It would be so boring right? You won't find candies made up of me, you wouldn't know that mango pickles would exist, you would not find mango chutney, and you won't get the taste from other mangoes that you are getting from me. It is so difficult to imagine to live without me right? You cannot find so many variations like mine in other ripe mangoes. They can only be used in season to eat as a whole fruit or in the form of milkshake. You find ripe mango juices in off season as well but with artificial preservatives which is not good for health. I am preserved naturally.
Now you might have understood why I am so happy with my existence as a Raw Mango. I am unique, special and very useful. People love me from every age group and I am loving it.