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    Will it serve to fight against organ trafficking?

    On a daily basis, I travel in a local train and my route passes through a cremation ground. I have many times seen the burning flames there and a crowd in white clothes silently observing that. I still could not understand what is the use of burning a dead body and even burying the same.
    We have many patients in the world waiting for different organs like kidney, eyes and many more to get treated. They need to wait for a bighearted donor. Many times, the patient dies waiting for the matching organ for their transplantation.
    In such cases, can we have an oath of donating each dead body for treatment purpose? This will lower down the selling cost of organs which a poor patient is not able to afford even for his/her precious life.
    This may also be a useful tool to fight against the crime of organ trafficking. Please share your views on the same.

    My intention is not to hurt any religious faith; hence accept my apology in advance if my thoughts make you feel hurt.
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    This is indeed a great though and should be understood by us. Its always nice to donate our organs after death which will be useful for someone somewhere. Recently I came across a news were a boy was suffering from some disease and had a very less time left. Mom knew that her son will not survive and hence decided to donate his heart. She donated her son's heart and immediately the heart was brought to other state which helped another kid survive. On interview with the boy's mother, she told she knew her son won't survive but at least she can have her son's heart beat in other child. So there are people who are ready for donating organs but more education is needed among people on the same.

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    Really the above story of sushma get heart rending.Such incident might happen in different part of the world that doesn't heard. The role of mother is superb and I thank to him.......God may bless to those who sacrifices for the welfare of society.

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    I do appreciate the author for a worth while thinking in the matter of how to transfer organ from the dead as the donors are become rare and not available to the needy. Please note that most of the deaths occurring these days are due to accidents, suicide, or death due to sever ailments. Normally people or the relatives wont allow removal of organs from the dead bodies before performing rituals. They attach too much sentiments and that is not possible in many families. What I suggest that once a patient is admitted in the hospital, the authorities must take approval of the patient and their attendants to donate the organs to the needy in case death occurs. But that would become a business and hence the organ donation aspect must be with the rights of the patient and the needy persons. Then the suggestion put forth by me would work to the satisfaction of all.
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    Padmini - As far as I recollect the word 'obsequies' is plural of the noun 'obsequy' which generally means a funeral rite or ceremony. Funeral may be burial or cremation. Perhaps you are referring to the Hindu religious funeral i.e. cremation in which the dead body is placed on a pyre. Such places are known as 'cremation ground'.
    Unfortunately in India instead of organ donation, many unscrupulous elements are involved in illegal organ selling. Only sometime back there was a news about exposure of a racket involving a reputed hospital at Delhi regarding organ trade. It is said that many foreign patients come to Indian hospitals for transplantation of organs.
    We have heard news about the medical professionals involved in organ theft also. They remove the organs like kidney etc. from the body of unsuspecting patients while performing surgical operations. Many people sell their kidneys for livelihood.
    Only recently I have read a news about one hospital which had offered substantial discount in the cost of treatment in case the patients are willing to donate their body after death.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Padmini you have raised a very important topic. The way we don't burn or bury the material possessions of a person after their death, then why waste the ever more precious human body? If one wants to become an organ donor, you need to contact your nearest hospital and register yourself for it. They are likely to issue you a card which you need to keep with yourself at all times (put it in your wallet or something similar). Basically this card is an indication that you voluntarily give permission for the use of your organs after your death. If you want you can also donate your body for science.
    Organ transplant is a tricky and fastidious process. Organs required for transplant should be in a healthy condition, and need to be transplanted from the donor to the recipient within a very short span of time. They can't be stored for long duration like blood. Furthermore, organs can't be harvested from dead bodies. Usually they can only be collected from individuals who are declared brain dead or else a patient who is dying and their kin or themselves have agreed upon donating their organs.
    Majority of Indians as well as people world wide, have the belief that one shouldn't desecrate the body after death. However, they don't realize that donating an organ is not desecration or violation of the body, rather you are exalting the status of the person by allowing their organs to continue to give life to other individuals.
    I personally believe in organ donation, and have also informed my family members to donate each and every organ that might be useful when I am about to die.


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    Kailash Sir (#568518) thanks a lot for correcting my vocabulary. What you have mentioned in your response is true in current scenario and the reason is shortage of functional organs for transplantation. What of these organs will be available easily?
    If every natural death will donate 2 kidneys and 2 eyes, the scene will be different, I guess.


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    The level of consciousness relating to organ donation is abysmally low in our country. Furthermore, even if a person wants to donate his/her organs, there is definite lack of infrastructure of collecting these organs and preserving them. This sorry state of affairs is observed even in metro cities of the country. So, these issues are required to be taken care of at the first instance.

    However, the thread is excellent and very much necessary today. I thank Ms. Padmini for raising this extremely necessary thread.

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    Zoroastrian or Parsis cremate their dead neither by burial nor by cremation. They keep the dead body in the tower of silence for vultures to take care. Perhaps they donate their dead bodies in a different way to feed the vultures instead of wasting the same by cremating or burial.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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