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    Is it unnatural to unduly delay raising a family by working couple?

    Nowadays many working couples are unduly delaying expanding their family due to various reasons. The main reason cited for such cases is that the working couples are not finding enough time to take leave for raising the children due to their professional business. Apparently it is against the natural process. The tendency to eschew raising a family is likely to create an lopsided society with increase in the children in the poorer segment of the society. Perhaps there is no justification for such an emerging scenario.
    Is it unnatural to unduly delay raising a family by working couple?
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    Whether one wants to have kids or not, when they want to have kids, how many kids do they want, etc. are all personal choices of the couple. They are not obliged to the society or their relatives to start a family. A couple will make a decision about when it wants to have kids based on multiple factors that affect their life, including stability in the relationship, financial security to afford taking care of a child, availability of time and many more out of which the most important is the wish to bring a child into this world.
    One shouldn't have kids because age is running by or relatives are pressurizing or you have the money to take care of one or it is the next logical step after marriage. You should have a kid because you want to. If one is currently focusing on one's career and is not keen on having kids, then there is nothing unnatural about that. And there is no such thing as "unduly delaying raising a family". It is not a couples "duty" to raise a family. It is their choice and they are not accountable to anyone except their own progeny because their choice doesn't affect anyone except their own progeny.
    Regarding the number of children in the poorer segment - the number of children that are financially poor will always be higher in our country simply because the total number of poor people makes up the largest segment of our population. I don't think time schedule of working parents to have kids can affect this ratio. As it is educated families usually have lesser number of kids on an average than uneducated families from poor background. So whether they have a kid this year or after 5 years won't make a difference in the over all ratio.


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    A good post from the author. It is the fact that the young generation after marriage giving gap to have children with the fear that who will look after them and nurture them. As most of the jobs are highly paid and they are about to be transferred to various locations, having parents or other elders with them has become a big problem. I know one of the family has two sons, and both of them are working in multinational companies and they are stay put in different cities. Now the parents are in Hyderabad and they have to look after their property and priorities. Now and then they are shuttling between two cities to look after the children when in need or if they are not feeling well. But what I strongly feel that mother must be there with the child at least for two years, then only the nurture would be full and the child would recognize others to move freely there after.
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    Having children is the choice of the couple. As explained by Farheen Khan, the couple have their their own reasons for delaying pregnancy due to various reasons. They need not have children due to compulsion from their parents or near and dear.
    Even though it is the choice of the couple to decide when they want to have children, there are certain risks and medical factors that are to be considered. The children born to women of age 35 or more are most likely to be underweight as per the medical research.
    The women who bear children at a late age are likely to have diseases like blood pressure and diabetes. The newly born babies are likely to be affected by the diseases their mother is having. This will affect the health of the babies. It is not always career and development. The working couple have to seriously consider these factors also before deciding when to have kids.
    Regarding the number of children from poor segment as mentioned by the author, I am unhappy that such idea is floated. Now the Government is providing many medical and financial facilities to the poor. The children born to poor segment of people need not necessarily be unhealthy.

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    This is not a question of the children of economically weaker class being unhealthy. Such children generally remain deprived of education etc. and start working in low paying jobs at a tender age.
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    A very relevant thread has been raised by Mr. Kailash Kumar. Yes, it is true that nowadays couples are consciously deciding against raising families. Earlier (say twenty years before), the question was 'how many children'. Now the question has been changed to 'why children'. With the society becoming more and more complex, complicated and stressful, the middle class couples are getting more and more disinterested to have child/children and to take responsibility to raise the next generation.

    I don't want to comment about the desirability of the situation. It depends upon the circumstances, which are again different in each and every case.

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    Due to the busy life of the parents, their childrens are going to danger. When the parents are going to job their children will alone and sometimes they are closed in their houses. Such situations are very bad for the mental health of children. In such conditions the children become addicted to the mobile phones and televisions. At the night when the parents are coming back after the job, they will become busy in there work for next day. Some parents will not care about their childrens. Such kinds of childrens will not have the knowledge about the importance of parents and family. So when they become elder he never mind parents.

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    Time to time responsibilities varies as previously we have one earning member and that is father, but now days our life style has been changed, girls are completing school, college, technical education which create interest in them to do a job even after marriage, and some time due to higher expenses house wives get engaged for job to help their husbands, which cause the reduce of time for their child, but they do not care, the want to compensate that by providing extra tuition or spending money for other way of education like e-learning, or individual tutor at home. SO we can not say that both partner working means they might neglect their children. This is the competition world, so all parents want their children should get the best service

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