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    'Mango'ian Memories - The left alone's story

    [This entry wins the joint 1st prize for the 'Me, a Mango' creative writing contest]

    Hanging down... I thought of my darling sister. The tender smell of her immatured juice is still dripping from the stalk . She longed to be a complete fruit, dreamt a lot about wearing golden garments and talked much about her awaiting future. Alas! All invain , I lost her.

    It was only last night our mom, waving her wide branches in the cool breeze ,told us stories.Her old memories. From her birth out of an abandoned seed ,her childhood, first flowering day to her first baby ...she was shivering in excitement.she told that I am her 76th baby and my sissy the 100th girl. I thought :" How lucky we are! So many siblings. From Ripened elders awaiting for bridal winds to wither in fleshy coyness to kindergarden children who fight each other in single bunch. Every child is dear for her. Even though we are crowned as the queen of fruits,we never felt that highness in this desert land.Born in the caste of Alphonsa , our forefathers are famous for the unconditional sweetness they offered to the taste buds... That was always her admonition.. to be sweet beyond every adversities.. So we prepared ourselves. Little worms crept and crawled on my flesh ,heavy rain diluted my blood, hot sun wilted my leaf friends,but I grew. Singing lullaby ,cuddling us Mom said to my sissy.." manguuuu , you are my younger one , In you lies my life long wealth, experience of all these years, sweetness of all my seasons, deeprooted tears of anonimity.Now, You are my hope.. grow and go out to the dining table of a farmer.. your seed must multiply our breed. " Sissy smiled and said yes. I saw that determination in her corton. It deepened to red.

    But... Fate ! The bloody hot tongue of an inhuman human saw her today. A pickled wierd smile ! Sickle bended hanger rushed to her. she fell down in sleep ! Sheding leaves ,Mom screamed aloud .Siblings all around the branches were shell shocked.Moaning, elder ones jumbed down, dead. But me...? I was stuck. I tried to jumb.But I couldn't.Hesitating to get detached, mom was holding me tighter. "Ooh my child ,Don't do that ..stay with me" - she was pleading.

    Looking down I was frozen. With out giving an eye for my selfless siblings, the Human took her- only her ! Biting ,chewing, spitting.. he walked away ...

    Assasination... I murmered.
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    A brilliantly imaginative story! The mango which remained with the tree! But how could she survive from the wrath of other attackers? A very large group of parrots built their nest in the same tree. Would they allow the mango to survive?
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    The narration of this story was natural and going through reality. Mangoes are always under the scrutiny of birds, animals and human beings, who have the tendency to even steal.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Thanking both of you for this valuable comments. You inspired me much !
    keep smiling...


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