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    Swadeshi was his preaching, but Gandhi also respected modern technology.

    I chanced upon a rare image of Mahatma Gandhi where in he was seen watching through microscope the leprosy germs at the Sevashram Aashram in Sevagram in the year 1940. The image was quite interesting and make us ponder over the fact that while Mahatma Gandhi was insisting Swadeshi products and swadeshi tag for every thing we should use, he however seems to be supporting innovations and new inventions which helps us to find out some cause or the other. How do you interpret. I shall share the photo for your information.
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    Here is the picture to watch and comment :
    K Mohan
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    An interesting and rare picture. Thank you Mohan for the picture. The picture indicates that he is not averse to using modern gadgets wherever necessary. The Swadeshi Movement was started by Gandhiji with a view to discourage the use of articles produced and sold by the British. Gandhiji's main aim is to develop the self employment in villages and making their livelihood from their homes without migrating to cities and towns. Gandhiji is a great personality. So far there is no other person than Gandhiji, who influenced the entire nation towards a goal.
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    Perhaps Swadeshi Movement had nothing to do with use of modern technology products in day to day life. After sometime the newly invented products/gadgets become a part and parcel of day to day life. Though the clothes worn by Gandhi Ji used to be home spun only, but neither his watch nor even his specs were a Swadeshi product. He used to travel in motor car and train which were also modern technology products. As mentioned by the author, Gandhi Ji is looking into the microscope to watch the leprosy germs at the Sevashram Aashram as primarily he was interested in the welfare and well being of the leprosy patients
    During his long stay in England for studies and also while working in South Africa, he must have used many modern technology products. Use of telephone, telegraph and reading news papers/books printed by modern printing presses etc. are another examples of use of modern technology products.

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    An interesting picture! But I would only state that even in 1940, microscope was an old invention. This photo does not signify Gandhi's love for modern technology. I beg to differ with Mr. Mohan in this regard.
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    I do not understand the actual logic behind a product to be used which is swadesi?
    This is good to be manufactured with swadesi formula and at our own country.
    But can we avoid using foreign manufactured products if it is better and cheap and for our own benefit?
    If we are talking about swadesi clothes, foods, then can we stop using Internet, mobile phones, television etc which has been invented and operate by Non-Indians.
    During freedom fighting the ego was hurted of many people,and they forced to use Swadesi products to boycott Britishers.
    Whether Mahatma GAndhi or our any person who says to use Swadesi then why they are flying in Airlines ( Flight) which has been invented by wright brothers.

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