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    Why generally many events occur in bunches within a short period, instead of being equidistributed?

    Generally it is noticed that in the real life one important event after another come in succession within a short period or even simultaneously instead of being equidistributed over a period of time. Often there remains a lean period of long duration and then suddenly events or occurrences start taking place one after another. Sometimes on a single day many things happen all of a sudden. Though people are forced to somehow manage the situations, but perhaps it would have been better had the events been equidistributed. Is it an act of providence only?
    Do it happens with all individuals?
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    Good question posed by the author. Here I would give credit to the movement of stars in ones planet in a horoscope on daily basis. Some times there are constellations of two or more favorable stars staying in the house of beneficiary through which is he immensely being benefited. Please note that stars and planets are keep on moving and they give the mixed reaction of good and bad times. So when the good doing planets are making rounds, surely the person going to enjoy the bliss of the time and all good things happen. And every fortnight, we have the Moon going to the eighth place which would be there for 2 and half days and that would be challenging period.
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    This is a confusing fact . I too think of this unequal distribution of events. Many of a time , I have undergone this same scenerio . Sitting idle and doing nothing for a long period and all of a sudden ,programs and problems with an unending mystery. Giving an example : after my graduation days, I was at home doing almost nothing, i read a lot of books , ate,slept and repeated the process ! But from june 5th to this moment ,its like I am on the air. Not getting time to read even the News papers. Even this words, I type from bus. My book publishing ceremony, reading week celebrations, talk time with school and college students ,motivating younger generation to read and react , conducting camps and even participating in some, above all due to food poisoning mom was hospitalised for 3,4 days ! I was wondering. Too much events... most of them planned but some unexpected and unscheduled crept inside. But nothing can be done than facing all these. So now waiting back for that calm and peaceful idle days to join me again ...!
    keep smiling...


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    I wonder whether keeping aside some time for the unexpected will help! There are events that are expected and we do make plans for the same. As long as everything goes on as per calculation, we are at ease. But things turn chaotic when unexpected incidents or events fall in all of a sudden and we are at a loss to manage the available time. I think we would be able to manage if we are able to keep calm and list out priorities as per the need of the hour and our convenience. Providence may have a role to play but handling such situations as a challenge will, though tiring, leave us satisfied if we are able to manage without too many drawbacks. I agree that it would have been better if events were evenly distributed but then that is life and the magic of the invisible hands.
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