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    Do you think it is a waste?

    We have seen lot many Bollywood and Hollywood movies, where Director creates good set ( lot of house building) they spend a lot of money on infrastructure. They do blast during scene as per the script demand, which destroy that building.They explode lot many cars.
    And now days most of big movies expenses are around 100 Crore or beyond that. I believe they waste at least 10% of that money for creating and destroying those things.
    Do you consider as it a waste of money?
    Or it is needed to entertain the viewer to give a real feel.
    Do you have any suggestion to minimise these wastage?
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    Share your concern. But the film makers are doing this for profit and nit for service. So they always seek perfection. Only then people rush to the theatres and its only then that they will be willing to spend money. So considering the makers,they are not destructing but a constructive destruction is happening from their side. More over those properties which we see in the telescreen is not original. They are bombardin low cost , fake dummies of the real ones. Today its not even burning,its fully computerised.

    Still , it happened before some years where lot of destruction took place. Before this technological advancement ,many cars and houses and bazars faced that . Viewing it with the eyes of an energy management faculty,its a serious issue. But as there are many alternatives now... lets hope for the least destruction. Afterall films are the result of jointpain of some dreamy hearts.

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    In my opinion, it is sheer wastage of money. Cinema is basically a medium for entertainment (for most of the people). For entertainment, the creation of beautiful mansions or destruction of cars is not necessary. I can cite the examples of some extremely popular films which provide healthy entertainment. Chitchor by Basu Chatterjee, Golmaal by Hrishikesh Mukherjee or Padosan by Jyoti Swaroop (for the sake of other Members, I have mentioned only Hindi films). All these films were low-budget films but were/are extremely popular for providing healthy entertainment or amusement.

    Nowadays, in absence of good stories, the directors try to create a 'make-belief' world by spending huge amount of money, which is nothing but wastage.

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    As a matter of fact the Bollywood film industry is way behind the Hollywood as far as the use of technology is concerned. They create mind boggling sets and spend a fortune in creating a masterpiece movie.
    As mentioned by an author above, the producers do their business. They invest by spending several crores in building a magnificent set, with hope and expectations to multiply their investment.
    Going by the logic of the author of the thread, then the question arises as to why people spend so much money in tents, decorations and on such other kinds of pomp and show during weddings etc. The tent/furniture vendor spends days in erecting poles and creating the set, but the next morning the labors dismantle the wedding sets and load everything back into the truck.

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    Cinema is after all a business and the makers have to ensure that they are sincere to the story line so that they get back the money they spent with some added profits. I don't think we can say that the money spent in constructing sets and destroying or damaging them for the sake of the story line is waste. Particularly because, as Adila has correctly pointed out, what they destroy are actually dummies which are built with low cost materials with the sole aim of being destroyed at the end. Films are realization of creative minds and they do undertake certain risks to make their products closer to life. In the process, such things are unavoidable. Don't we hear about actors getting injured during shoots? It is all part of the game.
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