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    Have you ever done on line donation?

    Now days all banks are having a link ( when you use Internet banking) for donation on line to either Temples, relief fund, Prime minister fund, some NGOs.
    DO you like to donate them ?
    Although you are not aware what they do ( physically), they just share their social work on their web site?
    DO you prefer to choose donate some particular organisation?
    Which is your favourite destination to donate
    A Temple
    Private NGOS
    Government Relief funds.
    Or you choose to donate only those organisation whom you know personally?
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    Definitely I will donate to Government Relief Funds, both online and off-line. I don't have much faith on private NGOs (this is from my personal experience) and most of the religious organisations (notable exception: Ramakrishna Mission and Bharat Sewashram Sangh) don't take up relief work.
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    I would prefer to donate in person by visiting some local orphanage etc. to see the glee in the eyes of the recipients and the mangers also. During my service period there used to be few occasions when the people were required to contribute to some cause, but that too used to be in offline mode only.
    I personally don't believe much in functioning of most of the NGOs barring a few exceptions. After reading about the Teesta Setalvad case, my faith in NGOs has further got eroded.
    I have personally witnessed one such case of misuse of donation funds. During my posting at Jaipur there was one family running a deaf and dumb school where hardly 4 -5 students used to come. Their housemaid used to manage the students in a shed behind their house and they used to utilise the funds of replacement of tiles in their bathroom etc.
    In my household, the charity and donations department is looked after by my wife. She donates enough to take care of my sins also, if any.

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    I have donated online many times to a private NGO which is based out of Chennai. I did not get a chance to visit there but got to know from few of my friends who visited that it is a genuine NGO which takes care of orphan children and the donated amount reaches them in an useful way. I have plans to visit in person and donate in future.

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    Well what I feel that people and organizations seeking on line donations are not successful because, it needs detailed write up and convincing capacity so that people will donate. For that personal touch would be preferred.
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    I never pay the donations online. I will pay by cheque only. I always make it a point to visit the NGO and make my assessment about it's work. Only after satisfying myself, I will make the payment through cheque only. The one organisation which I liked for it's contribution to the society is SOS Children's Villages of India. This organisation takes care of orphaned children who lost their parents in a calamity. They are doing good work.
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