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    Why should snakes have venom?

    Generally, snakes eat frogs and other insects. I don't think snakes will inject venom inside the prey to kill it. Then what is the use of venom for a snake except killing some innocent animals? If it doesn't have venom, most animals including human being won't kill it I think. When other animals don't have any protection from its predators, then why should snakes have protection in the name of venom?

    Note: This thread is raised for amusement purpose as content in the thread is questioning the law of nature.
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    I dont know whether it is allowed to smile here in the comment box . Still Lol ! Such an innocent doubt, I too thought of this in my younger days..But my trips to jungles solved this puzzle. As you realised, its the law of nature and she always have a specific plan for everything. In the food web, snake is not on the top of the pyramid. To feed on them,there are several other creatures like peacock,mangoose,eagle and even humans. So its necessary for them to survive. They don't have long beaks to attack their predators,they are helpless before the long winged ones to protect their lives,they will never be able to protect their eggs from enemies. So Nature gave them venom. To protect themselves . Its for self defence and not to show their capacity before the preys. More than that only few varities of snakes lives in human space,vast majority survives in jungles and deserts. So as per the law of nature, to make sure the survival of the fittest, snakes are blessed with venom. Man may not kill them if they didnt have venom(i doubt,still) but thats not the case with other beings ,they are not learning from life; instead things are feeded in their gene by nature itself. Hope you got the wonderful tips of nature. Lets hail her- nature.
    keep smiling...


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    1. Very few snakes have venom. In the world, more than 60% (types of) snakes don't have any venom.

    2. Besides snakes, many other insects have venom. Then why should we discuss about snakes only.

    3. Once I read that even some ants have venom, but it is so mild that it does not harm human beings.

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    Venom is also a kind of poison, but the basic difference between the two is that while a poison is consumed, inhaled or absorbed, the venom is injected into the body of the victim through a sharp body feature like fangs, sting or bite.
    It is a natural mechanism provided to certain animals for causing harm to their prey for food purposes.
    Not only snakes, but many other animals too have venom, the most common being scorpions, bees, wasps, centipedes, jellyfish, sharks etc.
    The four venomous snakes which cause most of the deaths due to snake bite in India are - Indian cobra, common krait, russell's viper, saw-scaled viper.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Partha sir, I raised this thread because recently one of my uncles died in his village because of snake bite. Though other insects also have venom in them, they are not as deadly as that of snake.

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    I would agree with all the responses given by members so far. Venoms are trait given to some creatures for dual purpose - first as a defense mechanism to protect oneself from predators and secondly as a offense mechanism to help in catching prey. Majority of its use is usually for defense purpose though.
    #568584 - Mr. Bhuvaneswara, quite to the contrary you will be surprised to find that most of the deadliest venom containing organisms are not snakes. The number of marine organisms that are poisonous is very high and even the most poisonous organism title goes to a jelly fish.
    I am sorry to hear about your Uncle. There are many preventive measures one needs to take immediately upon being bitten that can give one more time to reach the hospital. However, it is difficult to treat most snake bites if the snake that has bitten remains unknown, because it is difficult to decide which anti-toxin to give. I hope there are some awareness drives in your village so that people can be explained what to do in case of such a scenario and hopefully other lives can be saved.


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    Mr. Nalla, I am sorry to hear about your loss. So far as this thread is concerned, I would like to state that many insects like some species of spider and scorpion have more venom than cobra and krait and their venom can kill human being.
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