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    I am(sarisc) dead in real but I aam(mango) alive in reel.


    Door opened .

    Person carrying a jute bag containing me along with some other mangoes moved till a lady come from other side and sit in a lawn before a big bungalow.

    From their conversation, I find, lady is the owner of the entire mango garden who had given on lease to the agriculturalist for cultivating mangoes on contract of profit share basis. Though the contract is only on profit basis, he used to give some samples of each variety to her and in that way he brought this lot also to handover to her.

    Out of this conversation, this is very interesting and hence please enjoy it as it is.

    Lady: Oh! Thank you very much for various varieties of mangoes, you have given me this time. You may be bored to hear the same from me with my usual saying, if my husband is there, he used to cultivate and I used to be part of it. But now years have gone and after he left the world, I have given it to you and you are taking care of our garden too, along with yours.

    Agriculturalist: No, No don't say like that. Your husband was my guru and he only taught me various techniques and methods when I was young and now I have become very famous because of his guidance only.

    Lady: Oh! That is nice. What is special this year?

    Agriculturalist: Last year, I have heard a man in the north is doing various researches and cultivating mangoes with various names like 'Namo' etc., which gave me a clue to produce different varieties and this is very special.

    By saying so, he taken out myself and showed to the lady and said this is very special variety called 'sarisc' and said sorry, I could not given you many such mangoes so far in this season as it has very demand being a new good variety. As the season is going to close, I remembered that I had not given this to you and here they are only very few.

    Lady: No problem, when my husband brought jute bag full of mangoes and the house too filled with so many members, but now elders have passed away and younger ones have gone to different places for job and no one in my house is interested in agriculture and even no one is here to taste our own cultivated products. Any way I am happy that I got a good person like you who is doing a good service these many years.

    Now I am eagerly waiting to get inside and wanted to see the bungalow and especially the husband of the lady and to my surprise, she kept few of us in a basket in front of the big Photograph and said, 'see how your junior has developed and even crossed the guru with his new techniques' and she taken out me and showed to the photograph like showing to a living human being.

    Then she called many people over a cellular phone and said about myself that I am a new variety developed by the agriculturalist and whenever I heard her saying about me, I feel happy like a human being who always wanted to hear about others appreciation. I know my life is very short and eagerly waiting for the day when she is going to consume me. I am watching the activities of lady and one or two days passed, and when I see the basket where I have been kept along with other mangoes, slowly the number has been reduced.

    After a day, with less number of mangoes, she took a snap of us in her mobile. I told myself that I have totally changed like a human being that I felt happy when I am flashed. Then she shared in whatsapp, in every device kept as a wallpaper, changed her profile photo of facebook with this photo with a comment 'New mango variety cultivated in my garden called 'sarisc'.

    Only two of us left and heard her saying with a knife on her hand, 'I don't feel like consuming this but can't help it I have to, otherwise it will be rodent ' and this is my last minute that she cut and crushed in a mixture to prepare shake. At the last minute, I thought though I am dead in real but I am alive in reel.

    This is entry for Me, a mango contest.
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    Nice story Saroja Ma'am!
    I enjoyed it thoroughly and specially liked your title.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Thank you Padmini. Your comment really reminds me of one response of another member Nalla long back that when we are in a system, we can create and so I should thank ISC also because I never thought in my life that I would write in English. Perhaps I do not know whether my English has improved but I am sure I am writing many lines in English which I never tried in my life.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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