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    Have you ever thought that each and every activity involves a cost?

    Generally people have no time to think too much about their day to day activity. They just go on living. Most of the people think that if they go on weighing everything in terms of the money involved, then the life will become like a hell.
    Breathing is involuntary. It goes on whether we desire it or not. But it too costs in terms of cost of treatment of diseases in case we are breathing in a heavily polluted air. The same applies in case of drinking polluted water and eating contaminated/adulterated food.
    However not switching off lights, fans, air-conditioners, if not required costs us directly. Keeping the door of refrigerators open for unduly long periods costs as in the case when we let the gas stove burn even for sometime while doing some preparatory work for cooking.
    Have you ever thought that each and every activity involves a cost?
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    This thread must be read by all house holds as small wastage leads to big loss and if we have control over it , then we can save some money. Invariably I have seen that when the bathroom water tap is loose or leaking, we wont attend to it immediately and instead do some temporary repair or fix with tight rope or other sticking substance. But the water force is always high and the temporary arrangement would come out. We go in the morning and come back in the evening. If the water leaks goes on, surely by evening the entire tank would have drained out. Better to replace the tap immediately and such actions would save the money and mental tension.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    You raised a very good thread Mr. Kailash Kumar. Now a days, people are doing things (like the ones you mentioned above) without thinking about consequences. Wastage of power and water (limited resources) is not good. The room in which I am now present is dark all day because of improper ventilation. I used to switch on the light and leave it all day on holidays. My father always tells me to switch off the lights when I come out of the room for some hours. It took me more than six months to lose this habit and switch off the light when it is not needed. It may not change the current bill significantly but I don't waste power now.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Yes, all those waste cost us a lot, but can I say this not validate for them who are earning huge money. Giving a small example, nearer to my house a foreign liquor manufacturer ( who does not stay in India), constructing his house. but with in last 4 year, he has demolished his house because he does not like the architecture and need some more improvement with modern technology adn latest design.
    For him money is not a big issue, although every time before he demolish the building he has spent a lot of money on that. SO for a middle class person this statement is applicable.

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