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    The tale of the humble mango

    Up above the ground, hanging from my tree, I look at the world around and there is so much to see. People sitting beneath my tree, children playing in the park, cars running in the road, wow life is a busy bee! Heavy rain or strong wind, systematic plucking or random aiming, I come down when the time is right or sometimes the right time is chosen for me. With flash of green, yellow and red, I am fleshy outside and hard inside. Yes, I am the humble mango and this is my story.

    The flowering of my tree from December to February gives away my entry which lasts through the summer season (April to September). With the maturing of the summer season, I ripen to transform my color, taste and texture. The sour, hard and green childhood swiftly metaphors into the sweet, soft and colorful adult.

    I am the king of fruits with high nutritional value, rich in vitamin, mineral and phytochemicals. When I am sour, I have more of vitamin C while as I ripen, I have more of Vitamin A. The high dose of potassium and high fiber content in me serves to replenish the requirements of the body.

    And why would I not be the most popular fruit? Such is my variety and ability to mingle, to add something new. I am used in chutneys, I am used in ice-cream shakes, I am cherished in fruit drinks, I am loved in pickles, and I am consumed even raw! When I see the various hording posters with me being the central figure, I can't make out – whether I should I feel happy or whether I should be afraid.

    I am amused by the way of the humans how they place a price tag on me. Different forms attracting different bids. If I look at days gone by, the price used to be much lesser, now with more mouths wanting to taste me, the more costly I have become. God knows where my price will lie 50 years down the line.

    To find the best in me, I have been subjected to numerous atrocities- manhandled, squeezed, smelled and what not- over and over again- just to find the best in me. I wonder when they will find the best in them!

    I am the National fruit of India, pride of the nation, I am loved by one, and I am loved by all. For thousands of years, I have been cultivated by mankind, prolonging my geographical reach and integration with human civilization. Has it been for my good or bad that I leave for you to decide? The one thing that gives me satisfaction is that I help give life to someone while embracing death myself!
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    Really a very nice tale of a Mango. The way the author has described is brilliant.

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    The tale of the mango was told with great interest as if I was tasting the very good taste of mango. Good attempt by the author and I wish this entry wins the prize.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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