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    Do people pay their annual house tax regularly?

    All of us have to pay many bills regularly mostly on monthly basis. Typical examples of such bills are electricity bills, telephone/mobile bills, news paper bill and such many other bills. However certain payments are to be made annually like payment of vehicle insurance premium etc. House tax is also to be paid generally annually. I have noticed that many people falter in paying house tax bill.
    The purpose of raising this thread is to create awareness among members about importance of not missing payment of periodic bills particularly the house tax bill.
    Do people pay their annual house tax regularly?
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    It is the expressed duty of every citizen to pay the property tax whether he owns a plot, flat or independence house. For that matter I pay my taxes in the Month of March itself to avoid penal payment.
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    It is in every mind that whether the authorities would watch my payment. But they do not know that one day or other they have to pay the entire due with interest. Like this only many of us evade or keep negligence in the payment of all government dues. In some people's case the pity is waiting for the last day of due. They fails to notice that if the last day falls on any holiday due to some sudden situation, the loss is to the tax payer only and not to the Government.

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    Sincere thanks to Mr. Kailash Kumar for reminding me. I have to pay the Property Tax by 30.6.2016 to avail rebate announced by the MCD.

    Oh, yes! I pay Property Tax regularly and so far I have missed the rebate only once.

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    I think people are paying their taxes regularly and some of them are not because they forget to pay. As you said monthly bills are easily to remember, but as property tax is an annual charge, some time people do forget, although their intention is not bad still they fail to pay the fees on time.
    SO I think Government should take some action like they should sent a mail to email, or should send a message to the registered mail id, and should send a letter to the registered address.
    As normally they just give an advertisement on some local news paper, and that reminds the tax payer to give the tax, but still some people miss that advertisement and not able to pay the fees on time.

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    What are the possible outcome if we deined to pay the tax of house.?

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    Even if we miss to pay the bills and taxes, the Department concerned will not keep quite. They impose penalty for late payment and also initiate some action or other. It is always better to be regular in payment of the bills. Some bills like power consumption bill can be paid online without going to the office and standing in a queue.
    These days majority of the people are aware of the dates on which the payments are to be made and accordingly paying their bills and taxes. In this connection I want to bring to the notice of all that Income Tax is to be paid by all those whose income is above Rs 250000/-. Do not forget about income tax as the Government issued very strict guidelines to the Income Tax Department to bring as many people as possible into the tax net. Defaulters face action by the Income Tax Department.

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    Normally we pay taxes ( specially Insurance premium, Income tax, water bill, electric bill on time) because we afraid that there might be disconnection of service if we do not pay the money at right time, similarly Government should be strict to collect House holding tax properly without any corruption o time, so that people will also get aware to pay those taxes with right amount and at right time, so in this case the tax payer , Tax receiver ( Government), and the person who help them to cheat ( The tax collector). should be responsible as per their own job and responsibilities of paying tax properly for the sake of development Nation as well as local place.

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