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    $10 less payment received

    Happy to announce that I have successively received my third adsense payment. First two transactions were simply understood with minor transaction charges but this time I found additional deduction of $10 from the payment. Google adsense is not involved in this as adsense payment page shows full amount credited. What may be reason for this deduction? I opened my account with SBI. Should I contact bank?

    Is there someone else who faced the same situation, please suggest what should be done.
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    Generally, Google may deduct some amount at month-end for invalid content earnings - so check this first on the payments page of your AdSense account.

    It is likely the processing charges which the Bank takes as a fee. Have you not had this deduction earlier? Please contact the branch manager directly and ask him/her (the general staff will likely not know) what is the processing fee for crediting foreign currency (converted to INR) to the account. You can take a printout of the Google receipt to show the actual amount too if necessary.

    Note that various banks charge various fees towards processing, but it seems, from what I have heard from AdSense publishers, that SBI is likely the one to have the least fee.

    Managing Editor,

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    Vandana madam
    Processing fees charged by SBI is just around Rs. 90. Transaction details clearly shows it but no details of $10. SBI credited the whole amount what they received. May be some intermediary bank is the reason behind this deduction. Anyways, tomorrow I am going to visit my bank to clear the doubts.

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    Ask your SBI (Bank that you have opened an account) to furnish the correct IFSC and SWIFT-BIC code to update in your AdSense account. Different IFSC and SWIFT-BIC code of the same Bank (even if it is SBI but different branches code) can charge higher for such transaction.

    The second one is, is it Saving account or Current account or a different one?

    Hafeezur Rahman
    ISC Editor – Jobs

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    Hai, Kiran
    On 10th June 2016, I received a mail a from Google that Government of India has levied an 'Equalisation Levy' 6% fee on online advertising. That may be the reason for the deduction. If it is so, it is common for all Indian publishers. No need to worry, relax.

    I don't know the complete details regarding this, I also need clarification from senior members.


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    I think due to dollar exchange rate fluctuations the deductions could have been made. Any way accept my hearty congrats for getting the third adsense cheque from the Google and that shows your regularity here.
    K Mohan
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    @Hafeezur Rahman P
    This is savings account.

    @Mathi Gopal
    Even I received this mail of 'Equalisation Levy', I am not sure but I don't think this is the reason. If this is the case it might have been detailed in adsense payment page, I guess.

    @Mohan Sir

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    @Kiran, ok, then check for the correct IFSC and SWIFT-BIC code of the respective bank to update in your AdSense account.
    Hafeezur Rahman
    ISC Editor – Jobs

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    Suppose you earned $ 100 roundly from Google adsense.
    And the day when Google transferred to your SBI, The reference rate of USDINR is 67.50, then you will be getting directly 100*67.5= Rs 6,750. Bank will send you the remittance letter that you have received such fund at the price of such USDINR.
    from that you can check. There is no issue. From that letter you can get details of how much Google has sent you and at what price RBI allowed to SBI for receive the fund.
    How are you calculating that you got 10 USD less?
    Did you just multiply with dollar in to INR at the time of withdrawal?

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