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    Surprising to see such attitude in our people

    Yesterday evening, when I return from office by city bus, I got a seat to sit in the ladies side(In chennai there is the system of allotting separate seats for ladies) and since no body was there to sit and due to tireness, I just sat in the seat - usually I never sit in ladies seat though many times my wife asked me to sit with her. In the next stop a lady came into the bus and with commanding voice asked me to vacate the seat. I silently stood and gone other side. In the next stop to that a pregnant lady boarded in the bus but to my surprise no person gave her seat to sit even ladies. Why this mentality?
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    I have seen such situations many times. Nobody offers a seat to pregnant ladies not to ladies carrying a small kid. They just look at that women and sit quietly as if they haven't sighted the scene. Hardly we can see people having a helping mind and offering a seat. People are always selfish and cunning. They think only about themselves. Only for things related to them, they raise their voice but when the similar situation occurs with others they don't help.

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    This is because of insensitivity about the humane aspects. Now most of the people are themselves drained out of all kinds of philanthropic thoughts and sentiments. The individuals like senior citizens, pregnant women, differently abled people and women with young children etc. are to be given preference in boarding the buses as they require comparatively more time in boarding. In Mumbai city buses such passengers are allowed to board from the front side door also so that the driver can ensure that they have boarded the bus safely before starting driving the bus. The policies still exist, but it depends on the local culture and sensitivity of the people depending upon the locality concerned. In certain areas, the people who are aware about their rights, demand also such treatment, but nowadays mostly they prefer to keep mum. Special provisions have been made by railways and airlines also. Nowadays even in banks there are special counters for senior citizens and at many places provision for a separate queue for special category of people exist.
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    In city buses we see such type of strange behavior. First of all the lady should have been polite and not commanding. Secondly some one should have given seat for the pregnant lady. In Hyderabad the people are generous and they shall surely give the seat to pregnant lady. Even if the bus is rush and the ladies seats are vacant, we wont occupy the same. Fortunately in our area every bus has two seats reserved for the senior citizens and that can be assessed from the front door. Except senior citizens no one is allowed from front side to alight or enter. And we have the one day pass of 70 rupees through which one can travel any where to any where for one day.
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    This comes out to be a very strange behaviour of a woman who knows how difficult it is to travel during pregnancy.

    We do have the same seating arrangements for ladies in Maharashtra where the initial 2-3 seats are reserved for ladies. If there are no ladies than it is occupied by gents and if any lady enters then the man gets up and offers the seat. However if this does not happen then the conductor gets it done.

    I feel it to be a moral responsibility of people to understand the need of another person and should not be made a law.

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    In my opinion, people belong to three categories. They are:

    1% - Feel Pity, vacate their seat and give it the lady
    These are the good people and I respect all of them even if they hate me.

    9% - Feel Pity, but doesn't do anything
    These people are in the semi-final stage of being a good person. I think I too belong to this category. If I am travelling alone, I will vacate the seat and give it to old people, people with small children etc,. But I don't do that when I am travelling with the persons I know. I sometimes feel pity on myself for this attitude.

    90% - Doesn't care
    These people belong to the category 'WORDS WHICH SHOULD NOT BE USED IN ISC' and I hate all of them even if they are my relatives etc,.

    Let us continue learning.

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    People are always ready to give negative comments if something goes wrong, although I agree that in particular bus no body offered a seat to that pregnant lady, but I have seen many times that either a senior citizen , old lady get offered from other passengers, this is a normal courtesy. And as we have gender equality then why should some one offer a lady ( not talking about old lady or pregnant lady) if that seat is not reserved for a lady. Every bus is having maximum 10-15% reserved for handicapped, senior citizen and ladies, just ask them to increase this ratio, automatically problem will solved. No body will blame any one.

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    The pregnant women are given preference and offered a seat whether it is a bus or train. The incident to which you are referring is a stray incident. Based on one incident, we cannot generalise the attitude of the people. I your case, you should not have gone to the seat reserved for women. Every woman has the right to a ask a man occupying seat on women's side to vacate it. Let us not generalise the attitude of people based on a single stray incident. So far I have not seen a single incident where a pregnant woman is not offered a seat. Now a days the senior citizens are also offered seat by the other passengers who are young.
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    I appreciate the author as he create this thread, some time unmindful also we forget to give respect to pregnant ladies, or older person, so this thread will memorize all at least forget about rest of world, we will always offer to the pregnant ladies and senior citizen , or a child or a handicapped person.
    Do not get worried about young ladies, they can stand until any body vacate the seat.

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    The situation is same in many other cases where people become careless toward others.
    One day when I was returning from my office, I was waiting for my train and was standing on a platform. In Mumbai, most of the platforms on stations have sitting arrangements on regular distances. Some of them are allotted for security guards.
    When I was waiting, a pregnant lady came holding a bag. She was looking tired and as she saw a vacant seat, she immediately occupied that.
    After few minutes, 2 security guards came holding big rifles and asked that lady to vacant the seat as that was allotted for them.
    The lady was feeling helpless as the guards who were appointed to take care of us are ignoring our problems.

    Actually we do not need seats booked for ladies, but we need seats for Old age people, pregnant or infant holding ladies and handicapped. If we all become equally sensitive to others problems, there will be no need of reservations in public transports.
    I personally never claim for seat reserved for ladies when someone is already sitting.


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