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    Howmany of you still using fountain pen with Ink even today

    In olden days there was the usage of Ink bottle and a long pen with long nip. They wrote letters and put signatures by touching the ink as and when required. There was a usage of Blotting paper to remove the excess ink plotted while writing. Later the fountain pen came into usage in which they pour ink and write. We used such fountain pen till our college. Only after coming to work we used the Ball pen.
    I possess three to four fountain pen still with me. Have any of our friends used fountain pens and possess any one?
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    I have used fountain pen and I loved using those pens. I always believed that my handwriting would be neat and clean with usage of those pens. Among fountain pens, one particular pen known as hero pen was my favourite. I had preserved my grandfathers hero pen till my 12th standard. But as I entered my graduation, only ball pen became my best friend. I stopped using fountain pen's and people used to make fun of others using fountain pen in degree as kids. Now I have completely lost the touch of writing. Though I have a ball pen for small write up's or signature, I don't like writing and have lost the touch.

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    Usage of fountain pen with ink has been discontinued by many and even by me. I think only the gazetted officers or Very Important persons use the ink pen to sign their names and that cannot be changed or erased.
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    The use of fountain pens has not been stopped completely. I still have my old Airmail pen which I use occasionally just to check if my handwriting turns out to be the same.

    It has got replaced by pilot pens, linc pens, gel pens and ball point pens.

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    The use of fountain pen was cumbersome as it required the ink tube of the pen to be refilled periodically. One had to keep the ink pot also besides pen and periodically refill the ink. The pens used for writing by dipping the nib in a separate ink pot were not fountain pen. Fountain pen means the pen which has ink in its belly and don't require the nib to be dipped each time before writing.
    Handling ink pot is not easy. It often used to cause the users to stain their fingers. There used to be a leakage problem associated with fountain pens especially during summers. Most of students used to have their breast pockets stained with blue ink. Such stains used to be like a medal worn on chest as an insignia of being a student.
    I have used the fountain pens during my student days, but since long like all others , I have also discontinued using fountain pens and have switched over to other kinds of modern writing instruments.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I am an old-fashioned man. I still use fountain pens. At present I have six fountain pens and I use one of them in every week. I have ink-pots and syringe to put ink in the cartridges of the pens. In this connection, I would also like to mention that the mechanism of putting ink has changed. We are now getting free cartridges along with the pens. These cartridges can also be refilled with ink.
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    Camlin and Hero are the two popular pen brands I was using in my school days but now, very rare.

    For my children, only gel or ink pen is allowed in their school. I need to give 2 gel pens for them weekly, I was spending 40 rupees weekly for pen. So, I decided to switch them to ink pen a month back, now they are nicely using it by filling Bril ink.


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