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    Do people still wear sarong?

    A sarong is a large length of fabric often wrapped around the waist and worn as a dress both by men and women. In many parts of the India , it is more popularly known as 'lungi'. Sarongs are popular in the Northeast part of India, Punjab, Kerala and Tamil Nadu etc. However generally during formal and religious occasions, a more formal version i.e. all white 'dhoti' is used. In Punjab, the male lungi is also called a tehmat and the female lungi is called a lacha. In certain regions, lungi is considered a night dress whereas in many parts fancy designs of sarong are worn as a fashion statement.
    Do people still wear sarong?
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    Well lungi may be called by different names in different regions of this country but the fact is that we the South Indians wear Veshti which is white in color and it is the most perfect attire to wear inside the home. In fact if you go to Tamil Nadu, you see people go outside also with veshti and that is the custom there. Any where there should not be any comment on wearing dress as it depends on the comfort and good looks of every person. Now people are preferring shorts and even girls wearing shorts inside the home and that looks very awkward too. Even inside the home, wearing a good dress protecting our body is recommended and I hope others too agree.
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    Lungi is a widely used night dress in Andhra Pradesh. Some people use it as a regular dress also. In Tamilnadu the white lungi is used as a regular dress. It is very comfortable piece of clothing whether it is used as a night dress or regular dress. I myself use lungi as night dress. While going to temple also I use white lungi.
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    The author having included the reply to his query in the thread itself, I don't think there is a need to let this thread continue. Hence locking the same.
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