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    If India is one why there are internal disputes between the states

    If you see the disputes between the two states whether it is Kaveri or Krishna and there are so many disputes between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and in Railway projects they are not politically motivated as the people come on roads and doing agitations and sitting for fast unto death for showing empty hand on allocation of railway projects( because they are getting betrayed by the central government in allocation of railway projects) as Mamata shows partiality to Bengal as Lalu shows partiality for Bihar and so on... Do you think people India is unified in cricket and speaking Hindi language only these are the two things they believe nationalism on other things they differ completely between two states or regions.
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    If we intend to have serious and meaningful discussion on the subject matter, then we will have to keep the Hindi aside, as otherwise the discussion is likely to get astray and revolve around Hindi only.
    All states are like siblings. They are totally united and have love and affection between them and are children of the same Mother india. There may be a healthy competition between them which is for the betterment only. There is nothing like dispute etc. It is all within the family and there is no harm in continuing dialogue even if there is any difference of opinion on certain issues.
    Not only cricket, but there are innumerable other issues on which the whole India is united like on the issues of national integrity and unity in diversity. We have a rich culture and respect other regional cultures more than our own and are proud of our great nation India.
    ISC is a typical example of unity in diversity of India.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Inside our home, our parents are one. Among brother ,sister we get fight , there might be various reason, either to show the power of elder person, might be due to property or monetary matter, or due to the ego.
    SO how can we expect that in a country ( whether it is different states) can behave like friendly to every single person, and wants to distribute equally all facilities and opportunity.
    This is obvious when ever a person become central minister , he will be dedicated to its own state, as he wants to win another time by becoming popular and make the citizen of that state obliged for him.

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    Political parties will not create issues if they create issues that will not last long it comes from the people and they(political parties take that issue and represent the people voice. In home we fight our brother and sisters, the mother and father is the head of the family will solve or resolve the issues but here mother and father role is the central government they have to take care all the people and treat them equally.

    Agitations and bandhs will not move forward any country neither they are called as developments or it is not treated as a competition.

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    We have lot many political parties, so it is obvious there will be issue because every body wants to be in top in front of people ( voter) to get the next election seat so they can rule the state or center. So showing more sympathy and serious towards own state will be definitely in the mind of all politicians. So this is not a big deal, but still they should work simultaneously which will help both state and center to run smooth and fruit full to common man like you and me.
    Or else if they fight with each other always, only the sufferer is the common am who choose them as their leader.

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    Very good topic initiated by the author. First of all one must understand that why so many states have formed.. Because every state has its own importance and people are fed up with Monarch type attitude with others. The main reason for separation of Telangana from Andhra that all good projects were concentrated in AP region and even employment also made to Andhra people only and locals not getting any benefit. Likewise constructing so many dams by the states where the rivers originate, the states which are down the stream are denied with their share. Though Indian River Board has specified the share of water, and the Bachawat Tribunal was firm on this, who cares. Every state wants to protect their interest and thus verbal duel between two states always bothers when it comes to water and share. And the pity is that Center wont interfere nor try to sort out the problems.
    K Mohan
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    In a family we have brothers and sisters. All of us are born to the same parents but we may quarrel with each other in childhood. After growing up also there will be differences between brothers and sisters which may lead to quarrels between them. Similarly consider the country as our parents and all the States as brothers and sisters. As there are quarrels among the children of the same parentage, there bound to be quarrels among the States especially with respect to water sharing.
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    Country is not the parent, central government should act as a father they have to treat them equally.

    I f you see Andhra Pradesh the name is from Andhra region , Majority of Chief ministers from Rayalaseema region, Capital city in Telangana region. If the development is Telangana then how the region is not developed.

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    Speaking Hindi language is yet another problem. I'm surprised to see that it is mentioned as a positive point. In Tamilnadu there are still people who are against Hindi language and there are also many Hindi speaking people who are more adamant about their language. That is a separate issue that we should discuss later.

    Coming to the point that India is not united. That can be all because there is no proper national uniting factor in the country. We always say that we are diverse and united in many thing, but some basic things we are not capable of Handling. One simple example is the water problem in Tamilnadu. During the recent floods there was water everywhere, every single lake and river was filled with full water. Ignoring the fact that people were allowed to build their house in between the lakes, what measure did Government take to conserve the treasure of water that we got.

    If the Government had planned properly all the water would have been saved and the water problem in Tamilnadu would have got sorted. There is no necessity at all for Tamilnadu to fight with Kerala for Kaveri. This stupid government don't know how to conserve water from the rainfall.

    So as a whole India can be united only if these bunch of idiots are removed from authority or politics. They are the one spoiling the unity and diversity in the nation.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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    We have to be broad minded in order to appreciate any language. Hindi was declared as a National - language long back but this has not gained popularity especially in the south because of the attitude of the people. Hindi was made the National - language in view of uniting the people. The politicians were under impression that there should be a common plateform in exchange of the ideas of the people but seeing the present outcome we have still to make headway for its acceptance as a National - language.
    We are not aware of the actual problems of the different states because of non comprehension of the real issues plaguing the states. To be conversant with a specific problem, let us accept the merit of having a common language which can unite all of us in a single string indicating the solidarity of the people towards one nation- India. Let us be flexible in order to appreciate the feelings of one anther to make tension - free societies.

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    @Sheo Shankar Jha
    Hindi is not the National Language of India. Hindi along with English are official languages of India. There is no National Language for India.

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    Why not North people should be broadminded and study one South Indian language in their education.
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    Learning language is a matter of interest. We should not force others to learn any other language. In my opinion, all educated Indians should compulsorily learn only two languages, viz., his/her own mother language and English (language for international and national communication). If he/she wants to learn any other language, he/she must do on his/her own. This step will automatically solve all disputes over languages in India.

    I would also like to say that Hindi is NOT the national language, contrary to the popular belief.

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    I strongly agree with what Partha Sir has mentioned. There is a misconception that Hindi is the national language in India. This is not correct. Officially there is no language in India that is an international language. And personally I think that if they have to implement something like that, they should be implementing Sanskrit as the national language for India and not Hindi.

    That is again a bigger topic to discuss. Considering the fact that it is also a good reason for dispute in India, I would also suggest that only English and the mother tongue of every Indian should be mandatory. They should not be forced to read any other language. I would consider even English as optional but considering the fact that it is now highly important for every individual in various aspects, we have to accept it.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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    I understand your question completely and my answer would be a bit sentimental, as I belong to Punjab and Punjab is a state that is stuck in disputes with other states and center too for a long time.
    Regardless of what we think that " We are one nation and one country " Governments i.e. Center has been impartial to many states. Lets talk about Punjab. The dispute in the state of Punjab is for its riparian rights. As we all know Punjab was divided in 1947. Only 38% of Punjab was given to India the rest went to Pakistan and further Haryana and Himachal were separated from that share making Punjab even smaller.
    As Punjab means " Panj - Five" and "Ab - waters " so it means land of Five waters( rivers) but after partition only 3 rivers were left in India Punjab. Now Punjab is a state that is highly dependent on agriculture and is really good at it too and agricultural activities requires water.
    But soon after partition and during the devastating Green Revolution, Prime minister Indira Gandhi gave half of Punjab's waters to Rajashthan by making a Canal for free, Punjab was not given any compensation for its waters. Soon after that she gave half of what was left with Punjab to Haryana. Now Punjab is only left with one- fourth of its own waters. Next she ordered the construction of Yamuna-satluj canal to give half of the rest of the waters to Haryana as well.
    This kind of decisions by the center is seen as tyranny and dictatorial by the state. As per the "International Water Law" - The state from where the water flows has all the Riparian rights to its waters and no body whether Internal or External can interfere with its decisions. But the decisions by the center has left Punjab with no waters of its own forcing ground water irrigation in Punjab, which caused high damage to its soil, as the water when pulled up from the ground brings along salt with it, which in turn gets deposited in the soil making it color. There is not much yield in colored land as its not fit for farming.
    Moreover only 14% of the ground water is left in Punjab and still the current government supported to give the rest of the water to haryana as their own party won in haryana, if that happened Punjab will have to suffer the fate of a drought state which it already is suffering and agricultural practices would stop and even drinking water shortages as ground water has deepened and is about to be almost inaccessible.

    So tell me, if we are one country, why isn't the country thinking about its own citizens, leave away language and Cricket. What is the fate of this country if this kind of thing kept haunting it. These kind of things are not reported in the media and then all the blame is put on state for it which looks like internal fighting between states. BUT WHO IS CAUSING IT ?

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    Officially there is no language in India that is an international language please make it correct International to national a typing mistake.
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    This thread is being locked as the discussion has deviated too much from the main thread which in itself is in bad taste.
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