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    Do Tamilians/Telugu are best movie maker?

    I have seen a lot of Bollywood movies which have been dubbed or copied from either Telugu or Tamil movie ( although there are some movie based upon Hollywood movies also). Why Bollywood people copy it, are they strongly inspired with that script, or just because of the popularity in that language they make it in Hindi.
    Have you ever seen any movie in Telugu which have been copied from Bollywood movies or story?
    Share the name of movie. Is it good to copy the same story by taking the copy rights?
    I do not like those movies which have been copied from other language.f
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    I don't know about Hindi movies as I hardly seen 6-7 Hindi movies when I was there in Mumbai. Telugu movies are screened in Karnataka state and they used to learn that language seeing those movies. I don't know about Tamilnadu I never gone to Chennai but my friends and relatives told that there are some areas where Telugu movies are screened areas like T-nagar and some parts of Coimbatore e.t.c. Now a days Telugu movie stories are one and the same every time the hero will fight with thousand of villains and kick them here and there. I felt really bored seeing this continuously no story at all. I had gone to 10-15 Telugu movies in a year out of them I like 1 or 2.So I discontinued seeing the movies. Tamil movies are similar to Telugu movies a hero will fight with thousand of villains at a time like that. The Hit movies are translated in both languages.
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    Yes, it is true that lot of Telugu and Tamil movies are remade in Hindi language. Those are remade because Hindi speaking audience won't know about the original movie and hence they will watch it as a fresh movie. But the scenario is slowly changing as all the big budget Telugu and Tamil movies are simultaneously released in Hindi language also. Regarding the dubbed movies that you find in lot of TV channels are simply meant for filling the time slots. Those movies won't be released in any cinema halls.
    Sometimes, Hindi movies are also remade into Telugu and Tamil languages like Gabbar Singh(remade from Dabang), Vasool Raja MBBS/Shankar Dada MBBS(remade from Munnabhai MBBS). But it is very rare to see Hindi movies remade into Tamil/Telugu languages. Almost all the big budget Hindi movies are simultaneously released in Telugu and Tamil languages also.

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    As in the year 2014, about 43% of the net box office revenue was shared by the Bollywood film industry whereas the share of the Tamil and Telugu cinema was 36%. The rest of the 21% revenue was shared by the other regional cinema.
    Since movie is an audio visual media, the audience has to know the language in which the film is made to understand and appreciate a movie. Dubbing in other languages is done to expand the market base. Since Hindi knowing people constitute a major component of the audience, the other language cinema is dubbed in Hindi also. As a matter of fact the Bollywood cinema has contributed a lot in spreading understanding of Hindi language. Many people in non-Hindi speaking regions learnt Hindi through Bollywood films only.
    Perhaps comparison between Bollywood and other regional cinema will not be fair in terms of quality and competence. A different set of actors and actresses in south Indian cinema gives a whiff of fresh air also to the Hindi audience.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It has become a practice for the Bollywood to copy or remake the hit movies given by Tamil and Telugu directors and this has been happening since Nagi Reddy, Gemini days. In olden days the makers use to film in two languages. One is the Tamil and other is the Hindi. Gradually that trend has been changed and now every hit film is dubbed and shown to television audience. There are certain channels which are daily showing the hit parade of every cinema made in Tamil and Telugu. Some times I feel that Bollywood directors were run out of ideas and hence it is easy to copy or remake the version already got popular by adding some masala to stuff.
    K Mohan
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    I saw in Zee television when I changing channels all Telugu movies are dubbed in Hindi and showing and haven't saw any Tamil movie in that.
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    Apart from the movies which are mentioned by bhuvaneswar there are movies name called Daddy and Thammudu(little brother) are also remakes from Hindi movies.
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    I agree to the fact that Tamil/Telugu movies are dubbed to Hindi or other languages. Similarly there are also other movies that come to Tamil/Telugu as a remake from Hindi movies. Most of these movie directors take the concept from either some book or some Hollywood movie. You can easily name the movies that are being copied from many Hollywood movies. Even though not the entire movie is copied but some of the concepts in the movies are copied to Tamil or Telugu movies. Some of such copied concepts are as follows:

    1) The Guitar box shooting scene in Shivaji movie was a copy from english movie Desperdo.

    2) Ghajini movie concept was copied from the movie Momento. The concept was copied and an Indian touch was added to the movie.

    3) Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya movie was a concept from the movie 500 days of summer.

    There are lots of other movies that we can name. But coming to the point. It is acceptable that Telugu and Tamil movie directors are good in making movies. Even though they get the concept from other sources, they showcase it very well.

    Thanks and Regards,
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    Bollywood have collection of good movies. I think each one is best at there levels. Bollywood movies are not commonly watch by old peoples in kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and in some other parts. They always want to watch movies of there regional languages. Likely most of the people donot understand the dialogues of foriegn languages. In such conditions, they prefer there regional language movies are better than other.

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    Generally speaking, a lot of idea and concept sharing occurs in the film and entertainment industry. A story or plot line that receives success is likely to be copied by other movies makers and producers for showcasing it to different audience. While adapting the story line, they often make changes or add touches which will make it more favorable to their target audience.
    I'm not much of a movie buff, so I'm afraid can't differentiate between a Tamil or Telugu or Kannada movie same as I can't differentiate between a Korean or Japanese movie. For the same reason I don't know which industry had borrowed more from the other. However I don't see any harm in this as long as the movie makers mention that it is a borrowed idea and give due recognition to the original. Alas many of them copy without mentioning the source of the idea or story. Since majority of the audience may not know about the original beforehand, they assume that brilliance lies with the movie maker itself.


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