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    What a lady is? Smart, hard working or talented?

    I do not know from where the culture started that the lady will work at home (cooking, washing, cleaning, taking care of all family members and kids), and husband or the male will go out side to work for earning money.
    But from my own home experience I have seen my mom doing hard work (as she is working from morning till night), she is smart and talented, ( as she knows what to cook, how to keep in laws and the kinds happy and how to spend the money wisely?
    Then is the real reason behind the concept that men will work outside is because they are physically stronger than women? Is it ever possible that men will do household work and women will go for earning?
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    It may be possible nowadays for women to earn money by working in educational institutions, IT companies , Government and private offices, factories and such other many types of establishment. But such a scenario emerged only since last hundreds of years. Though the humans civilization developed thousands year ago, but the humans existed since millions of years much prior to the development of the civilization. During those days, the food was to be arranged by hunting in the wild forests where strong physical strength was required to combat the brutes. Therefore the physically strong men used to go outdoors and women used to remain within relatively safer confines of the caves etc. to take care of the children.
    The nature has created the physical bodies of the males and females accordingly. Presently physical strength is not that much relevant as the technology has made the things to be handled differently. Still there are predators as threats to the working women in the form of humans instead of wild animals. We often hear unfortunate stories about crime against women. Because of the natural design of the female body only, heinous crimes against women become possible. Thus we can say that the original plan of the nature was for men to work and women to rear the children.

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    What I feel that beside being hard worker and smarter, every women has the knack of managing things with most utmost care and thus she also has the managerial skills. That is the reason being so in many homes the husband gives the salary pack to the wife and ask her to manage and he leaves all the responsibilities on her shoulder. I have seen most of the house wives manage the home with minimum expenses and save for the future and contingencies. Such attitude are really helpful in future. Moreover some house wives are really great that they even manage the creditors coming to home and thus it is proved beyond doubt that they are good managers too.
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    I do not foresee in near future men taking care of daily chores in the home. In India women doing a job are far less than the working men. Women taking care of the home is a practice that is in vogue for so many centuries and I don't know how many. In a family there should not be comparison between the man and the woman as to who is working more. Each have their own responsibilities. A happy family life is a matter of understanding, mutual respect and adjustment. Once the arguments start regarding the work load, there will be differences and unhappiness in the family. It is better to leave to the man and woman and not to discuss about it. Every one should take care of his family and do not interfere with other family matters.
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